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The Strange Girl Sitting In The Rain Writing

by Shelly Bartley 2 months ago in advice

The Days Of Rain And Writing

The Strange Girl Sitting In The Rain Writing
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The day still lingers in my mind. I could smell the rain with a hint of lavender. The lavender was from the lotion that I was wearing at the time. Sitting on the steps of the school not too far from home I waited. The rain had not yet started but I could feel the soft drops tapping at my skin already. I smiled as a cat walked up and decided my foot was its bed. A neighbor walked up looking down at the cat. The neighbor called for the cat to come home. A soft meow was given to me as the cat followed its person home.

There was a small spot on the concrete step that was changing to a darker color. The color slowly trickled out into little streams like moving lines of paint. The feeling of the raindrops was a cold shock at first. It was almost as though the cat had distracted me so it would be more of a surprise. With my pen and paper in hand, I began to write words on the paper. A couple of raindrops hit a few letters formed from the ink. This ink spread out like an invisible being was trying to paint a picture. The words could still be read perfectly. The only difference was that they had a little extra decoration to them.

My writing pulled me into a deep trance. I did not notice the group of people standing in front of me. Hearing a muffled echo of a sound I looked up. There were no words said at all. They all just stood there staring at me for a few minutes. One of the girls walked up closer to me while still staring. The group looked hard at me with concern written all over their faces. Before this girl said anything I lifted my pen and paper for her to see. After she looked at it for a short time I was given another odd look. When I began to write again the group of people began to walk away. I noticed a pair of shoes stood in front of me again. I looked back up to see this boy. He grabbed my pen and then wrote on my paper. It was a website with a group of writers. I know this because he wrote me a little note next to it. He gave me a smile then walked away to join the others.

The rain was starting to really pick up. I grabbed all of my stuff to quickly head home. When I got home I got on the website to join the group. I noticed there were some fantastic writers on there. We all shared our work and talked for long periods of time. I explained that I would sometimes sit in the rain to write because it was relaxing. It helped me to clear my mind and focus fully on the words that I was writing.

Some years had passed by to when I working at Big Lots. The website had been closed for some time. I lost touch with all the people. It was a very busy stressful day at the store. There was a very long line of customers that I was waiting on. A few more cashiers opened up their registers to help out.

The line had gotten very short and I only had three people left. The last person was up and I had set up so that I could go to break after I finished with the last customer. I turned around to answer a question from another worker who needed help. When I turned back around there was a tiny notebook with a pen lying in front of me. On the paper was a drawing of a person writing in the rain. I looked up to see a familiar face. It was the now grown man version of the young boy who I had met so long ago. The boy who had gotten me to join the writing group. On my break, I got to meet his family. His wife complimented me on my work. It mentioned that this young man had printed off some of mine and the other people's work. He put all the work in a scrapbook to keep.

His wife said that I was known as the strange girl who wrote in the rain. His wife explained that she had begun to write after hearing about me. My work encouraged her to find a way to handle her own stress and write stories. All the stress of that day had faded away. The rest of the day floated by fast. When I got home I took out the notebook that I had occasionally been writing in. I wrote a poem to match the day that I had.

The point of this article is for encouragement to others. We all have our struggles in life from time to time. If you do work on anything then please do not give up. A person does not always know that they have helped someone until a later time in life. I was just reminded of these events that took place some time ago. These were memories that I had lost and forgotten until someone helped me to remember how I helped them. As for the person who reminded me I gave them a big thank you. The point is if you give up without giving it your all there will be a lot of lost moments that you may have had.

Each of those moments that you missed out on could have been moments that may have helped someone else. If you are struggling then just take a break. Use that break to refresh your mind. Take in some nice long breaths and then begin again like it is brand new. It is okay to switch to something else to refresh your mind. I think we all multi-task a lot to help keep things fresh. Best wishes sent to all those who are creating something out there.

Shelly Bartley
Shelly Bartley
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Shelly Bartley

From a very young age, I have always written anything from poetry to books. Enjoy painting and other arts. Have written a few songs and short stories to.

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