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by Riley Rain 2 years ago in book review
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By:Riley Rain

Many Kids grow up getting Bullied or criticized for how they dress, act, look, or even sound. Face it nearly everyone either has be bullied or stood with the bully. Then there are all of those little issues that you think about when you were in school and just make you cringe. All those things either make for a bad time in that moment or make for a bad childhood.

Not many books or things address these things in a way that it talks about all the little things that accumulate or when it's from a kids prospective. Yet the book "Hot Issues Cool Choices" gave me a new insight to life and others it made me get some perspective it addresses bullying, the popularity of clicks, put downs, and peer pressure . As I sat in my classroom as a 12-year-old in the fifth grade reading this book it just made me realize the things that I do and others do and help me get through them. It gives you such an amazing perspective on life and how the little things you do affect others and how you can change that and think about ways to help yourself and help others. That is why I think every kid in schools across the world should read this book it is such an amazing book and so profound even though it is more of a kids book but kids should know this from a young age and read this because I know that It will help them and stick with them like It did for me. This book is by Sandra McLEOD Humphrey.

Did you know that there are kids out there who don’t even want to get out of bed in the morning because they know what going to school means for them? Being teased, taunted, and being excluded. many people don't think about the ways that kids hurt or how adults were hurt by the kids they went to school with. If you have kids you can also better understand them and know what there going through or might be going through. Although this mostly targets kids even adults can experience things as you may know. Maybe there people at your job who try to exclude you from hangouts or there’s people in your apartment at your parties and you don’t want to go because you’re constantly wanting you to drink or get drunk many things in this book relates to how others and what you do affects everyone in that moment.You can find this book on Amazon or if you look it up online.

When I was younger my sister and her friend would run away for me if I did not want to do something for them. And almost every day I would go to my mom crying and then she would either get mad at my sister or make them play with me although I still know I wasn’t want to or they would be mad at me for telling this went on for a long while and tell this day it haunts me and nearly every time I talk about it I’ve cried except for now. Being excluded from personal experience is one of the most hardest things that you just I don’t know when it will end. Or being judged because of how you look I’ve personally also been judged because I am mixed or even sometimes because people are jealous of how beautiful someone is and their own personal feelings tend to crowd their judgment and they hate or bully you. This book address is that and so many other things that I’ve personally felt. That is why this book has gave me a lifelong learning experience and lesson.

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