The Sins of Money

An Age of the Unbelievable

The Sins of Money
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Money can do a lot of good but it is the evil done with the money that causes the most troubled. Money is a concept and it goes beyond race, class, age, and gender. Oppression is a common tool of money. Some people with money believed that they can walk on whoever they please because they have not found anything equal to the weight of money. This is why we had so many rebellions against the law and order. The law covers an offense for the price of money. Money has no limit because our society empowers money as an influence. If you can influence the right people then you can win any case. We have equated money to above the law. We must move steps toward controlling the influence of money in politics and society as a whole. Money degrades race, class, age, and gender even though it can avail it. It sets a standard and takes away all humanity making everything able to buy at a price even life. When one life is above the other life because of money in the eyes of the law, then justice is detoured.

America and the world are faced with the dire task of choosing to be bound to the problems and afflictions of money or to choose life. We can do a lot of good with money but it takes discipline and hard work with dedication. We can help the poor and we can build a future for our children but we must realize that money leads to the death of harmony. When we love and choose money above all else, we set ourselves for failure. We failed our families. We failed our children. We failed the world. We cannot choose money and life because they are both polarizing opposites. When we focus our entire lives on adding up money, we lose the very freedoms to happiness and pursuit. Money is a tool meant to be used to build and enhance life, not as a substitute for justice. Happiness cannot be brought and money may give the allure of happiness but as so as something more expensive comes along, money loses its glare and excitement.

It has come to our knowledge that money is addictive. This is why we must find something above money to inspire us and to lead us in the right direction. In society and politics, it must be justice and equal treatment and this comes at the laying aside of differences, most importantly the amount of money and privilege each possesses. We teach money and privilege to our children and they used it to show pride in life, which can save them or condemn them. We have to put money into perspective. It cannot solve everything. It can be fool's gold. To search for riches and give up your entire existence for wealth can be the ultimate betrayal because it leads to a meaningless life, a life without a purpose. We can correlate the number of deaths, suicides linked to money, its loss, and its privilege. Life must be live by hardships and earning things that you want without the earning, money becomes meaningless. Rarely do people keep money that they did not earn. When we work for what we want and earn it, we feel empower and inspire. Even with a little, enduring hardships and life's turns, we can succeed but we have to put money and privilege in perspective and quit the thought that money makes you better than anyone else because when it is lost, we expect to be treated humane, which is often the case. What you do to get the money is important too? You cannot sell your morals, your values, or your inspiration otherwise you will lose yourself.

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