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The Road Not Taken is A Memory to Regret or Rejoice

How can you challenge that the the road taken wasn't the best option?

By I. R. PathakPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
The Road Not Taken is A Memory to Regret or Rejoice
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There are moments in our lives when we find ourselves at a crossroad, afraid, confused, without a roadmap. The choice we make in those moments can define rest of our days. - Lucas Scott O

Reaching one after another predetermined destination on the roads of life, you may find someday an intersection of roads. Where you have to take one road to continue your forward journey. You are in dilemma: stop; think; ponder and ultimately determine one to move on.

This is a one-way road. You may go forward but never come back on the same way at the same intersection to have another alternative.

The track has no geographical description about its length or places on the course. You make the judgement using all senses, including covert six. It is like shooting an arrow in the dark. You are an archer who is left with no option except to shoot an invisible target.

A Memory to Regret or Rejoice

After traveling so long along the roads of life, you stop and check your travel history. Because you lose interest to wander any longer owing to-

physical debility.

Or the achievement of a determined goal.

Or a state of compromise on a particular destination.

Then you pause and peep through your memory lanes to compare and contrast. You imagine yourself in the same situation again, at the same intersection of roads. Where you had chosen a trail. You fantasize about the consequences of choosing another option.

You tend to draw a hypothetical picture of ‘The Road not Accepted’ to depict all those scenes which you have been longing for. And they could not find a stand in your present picture of existence.

Despite knowing the fact well that the time clock never moves back. Yet your emptiness deep inside stirs you to paint a fictional scene of ‘The Road not Chosen’ in place of ‘The Road Chosen.’

So you can rejoice in the envisioning of your craved design, even in a deliberate imagination.

To recollect ‘The Road not Held’ seems to be a tendency to seek an unworthy comfort.

But such thoughts only fill the mind with remorse and dejection. Fault finding in every thing, in yourself or the other negates thinking process.

Unknowingly such negativity in one’s mind attracts more and more dejected thoughts in compliance with the Law of Attraction. To match a particular vibration, Nature sends similar thoughts responding to mental vibrations, not the physical reality.

You can command actions through your Thinking Process

You cannot be a master of life incidents. But you are a master of your thoughts. Evidently, you have a freedom to make a choice of your thoughts. Thoughts lead to action and action leads to events.

So, instead of trying to control events in life, control your views. And deliberately focus on your desires.

Persistent dejected attitude creates a dejected mindset that attracts negative vibration.

Eventually in behavior such a person develops a habit of doubting others without a reason. He surrenders within and finds consolation in the mysteries of philosophical miracle.

And feels free leaving everything on Destiny. As destiny is an invisible imaginary force. So believes, only invisible powers can influence it.

In almost every part of the world spiritual masters, and divine healers attract a very large crowd of people. People hover around them to seek invisible patronage either to attract or preserve destiny.

The Takeaway

Think about ‘the Road Taken’ with a sense of gratitude for yourself to choose the best option. Because another road- the Road not Taken might have led you no where in life. None can deny the possibility.

‘The Road not Taken’ never fascinates those who find pleasure in ‘what is’. They ever adore an honor for the ‘road taken’ to have given them success and contentment.

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