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The Pink Scooter

Souls for sale

By Dixon Kiddo Published 4 months ago Updated 4 months ago 3 min read
The Pink Scooter
Photo by Magnus Andersson on Unsplash

One fine day while taking my husband to a dermatologist for a procedure, we saw a swell gal on a pink scooter. Green hoodie, pink scooter with a tiny cooler on the back. Maybe she is a doordasher? while I was making a huge fuss over the carefree gal on THE boldest bravest pink scooter ever, I was making large truck payments and feeling bound by inescapable debt.

I raved about how amazing it must be to have that freedom. Even though I have no idea what her life was like beyond the fabulous and fearless pink scoots. Somehow I wanted that imagined freedom. I bet that thing is paid for and all and that solo ride must feel so liberating. Yet everything scares me these days. I don’t seem to do as much as I used to that reminded me I was more than just a consumer. Barely escaping my shell and fearing the human energy field itself.

We all have these moments that remind us of when things didn’t stack up so fast. A pink scooter moment of freedom. We started out there and then piled on the needs and wants until our scooter is no more and it’s buried in a pile of payments. Don’t get me wrong I love my Toyota Tacoma with a truck tent on the back. But this freedom, I did not possess. I have heavy bill for nice new truck and yes for what I have endured the truck has been a loyal steed. It has gotten my husband back and forth to dialysis and yes the dermatologist and to jobs and cross country. All of that aside, I wanted that freedom back. Whatever freedom can afford a scooter and cooler lifestyle is a life with style in my book.

So when I went to grab my husband a happy meal because who doesn’t deserve chickie nuggies after a surgery. Grabbing my own happy meal for selfish reasons not even an hour after the fantastic and enlightening encounter with scooter girl, I found a Pink Scooter in my happy meal. It was princess peach on a pink scooter and I laughed and couldn’t wait to tell my husband when he got out of the Drs office.

While waiting for him to come out, I had time to ruminate over what had just happened and how long it has been since synchronicities were something I could take leisure for. In simplier times, I could ride about anytime and find one if I’d so much as stayed in the present moment long enough .

The key takeaway for me on this pink scooter mission is to slow down. Don’t take on so much and don’t forget to live outside the lines of the norm. Before adulting we were all simpler people with basic needs and as time goes on, we find ourselves wanting a lot more than we actually need. It’s commonplace and it’s beyond overrated but so familiar and comfortable to wedge yourslef right amid the rat race. While I don’t remember the time or date is was that I’ve completely sold out, put down my soul for the same old same. Lost my sense of adventure for fresh paint and a toaster oven. Remember to take back what is yours, you’re not built into the couch, your truck, your payments. You’re allowed to love life beyond death and taxes. You can start small, with a pink scooter. You don’t have to go far unless you’re ready. Stay present and remember that childlike wonder where time slowed down because you lived in the moment. Moments where refrigerators didn’t break and the electric bill wasn’t a to do. Write down what steps you are going to take to live the life the younger you would be proud of. How much time has to go by for you to realize your experience is more important than what the neighbors think of your lawnmower.


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Dixon Kiddo

I’m here Rekindling my love for writing. Living in Florida trying to avoid the heat by telling a few stories. Enjoy!

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