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by: Nerissha Hunt

By Nerissha HuntPublished 7 months ago Updated 7 months ago 3 min read

Some people think its okay to “hit a person where it hurts.” What do I mean by that? People absolutely think that they are hurting people with their actions when in fact they are really hurting themselves.

When you set out to do somebody wrong, be prepared for it to blow up in your face. It’s funny at the time and you think you have succeeded at what you have tried to do and at the time, you might have but eventually, you will be on the receiving end of what you tried to do. You cant be happy bringing misery to other people.

But, some people love that lifestyle. They don’t care who they hurt, when, why or how. As long as they are satisfied, other peoples’ feelings don’t matter. That is a person with a miserable life. Even with a smile and sometimes a big grin on their face, they are still miserable. They just act like they aren’t.

No matter what happens in life, we all have feelings and emotions. What gets me about feelings is how people think that flaunting another woman or man in your face is really something. News flash: Who cares what you do? If you got it, flaunt it doesn’t not apply in this case. People move on every day. Its not a breaking news story that you have moved on. You don’t have to publicize it. You are only showing the world how low your IQ is.

And what is this thing about church? That is the first place that people bring their new girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife knowing that they have an ex in the church. That is a shame. It’s a disrespect to the pastor and the Lord. Church isn’t a dating service; its for worship. That’s the last place you need to take the new person you are with because that is the biggest place that people gossip.

Back in the day when people dated, you brought someone to the house, they met your parents and things went from there. The man had to ask for permission to marry the daughter, etc. But now, people get together, don’t know each other from Adam’s Housecat and get married on the spot; I’m talking 30 days or less in some cases. It could be love at first sight because some people can get married in 2 weeks or less and stay married a long time but other people make a straight-up fool out of themselves.

Everyone has made a fool of themselves before; no need to be ashamed because nobody is perfect. We are all a work-in-progress. If no one ever made a mistake, the world would be boring. Without mistakes, we have nothing to learn from. Some of us are still in situations that are challenging and we find it hard to get out of them but in some cases, some people finally grow tired and cut their losses.

Nobody has to constantly stay in a negative situation. That’s by choice. This is where “hitting you where it hurts” really applies. A person knows your strengths and weaknesses. They will prey on what makes you weak just to get you to do what they want you to do, referring to relationships and especially in marriages. At some point in life, you need to be strong enough to fight back, not with your hands, but with your actions. Show the person that you are not gonna continue putting up with their mess. Marriage is easy to get into and hard to get out of. I’ve never been married so I cant say what to do in situations that happen in marriage.

In closing, I want to say: Its easy to hit a person where it hurts. But remember, “hitting them where it hurts” is like bad luck in baseball, when you swing the bat, the umpire will catch the ball.” 3 strikes, you’re out.


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