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Publishing Triumph For Illiterate Self-Made Millionaire.

Shirley Yanez, CEO of fashion brand Venus Cow, has been offering free talk therapy since 2005. She is not a doctor or a qualified psychologist. Suffering with dyslexia in her early years, she swapped the classroom for business. Selling cigarettes at 10 was her first entrepreneurial venture, and she started in the world of work, unable to read and write. Her extraordinary story documents a steep climb to unbelievable financial success, becoming MD of a large, public, UK company, and then building her own business to make her millions in the 90s, only to lose it all in the dot.com market crash in 2000. Battling all the odds, near death, and homelessness in Hollywood, she now shares her story and journey to self actualisation with the help of Carl Jung in her book The Mind Detective—Austin Macauley Publishers

There is one switch you can make in your mind that will change how you think and behave forever. The conversations you have with yourself have a direct impact on how you feel and how you behave. Learning to think before you feel means you never react, you only act, which allows for the time to make the right choices based on the whole picture of events.

It’s all too easy to become fixated on events over which you have no power, or people who might never change their actions or attitude. Rather than focusing on blaming others or moving the unmovable, resilient people set their sights on what they can control.

Your success in changing any interfering behavior or negative thought patterns depends on the conscious you.

Your mind and your body work together. Any information that has been learned, your thoughts and beliefs, are soft-wired into your brain. The good news, thoughts and beliefs can be unlearned. In contrast, information that is hard-wired in your brain consists of unalterable laws, such as inborn drives to survive (physical and psychological). You cannot change that your body needs oxygen, food, and water to survive.

Your standards are set by your habitual thoughts. Your thoughts reflect your beliefs. Your actions are the best indicators of what you want and believe. I believe that true spiritual growth, happiness, and personal freedom is about breaking away from past experiences with an open willingness to see through the masks of pretense, covering our true character and nature. In other words, becoming the person we would be, if we could be.

When you lack self-worth, you feel insecure, unstable, and a constant sense of underlying anxiety taints everything you do. It's not easy to work on yourself; we all prefer a comfort zone, but in my experience, once you develop a grounded and balanced perspective, you start to get a strong sense of who you really are by walking your own path—never someone else’s path.

Once we let go of our limiting beliefs, we find FREEDOM, peace, and inner security.

Many of us have bought into the myth that happiness is something we achieve when everything finally looks the way we’ve been imagining it should be. The perfect relationship, the dream job, the big house, the designer wardrobe, the holidays, finally losing the weight, but these things alone don’t create lasting happiness; I know. Happiness is an elusive thing we all desire, but often don’t know how to achieve. I had it all materially and lost it all, so this makes me an expert because I have lived both sides of the fence and survived a better human being.

The truth is, self-love is the foundation of all true happiness. It puts us on the right path to healing the past, clearing out our fearful perceptions and shifting them back to a loving, secure place we can rely on. Slow down, learn to connect with yourself. Find that silence inside through your meditation, away from the options of others and that critical voice who lives in your mind constantly reminding you, you are a failure.

When we learn to connect with ourselves, it gives us access to an inner abundance of wisdom and knowledge; the quiet, calm, knowing voice, always there to guide us to the right actions and choices without judgment or fear. This calm knowing is the authentic you; the real you, not the labels, not your thoughts, not your beliefs. They all change, but your soul, the energy inside, can never be destroyed or compromised by others.

book review
Shirley Yanez
Shirley Yanez
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Shirley Yanez

I am a British Social Entrepreneur, Talk Therapist, Life Coach and Author of my new Book The Mind Detective. I am dyslexic and proud. Most people believe that Dyslexia is a sign of not being intelligent but this is wrong.

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