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The Little Black Book

by Gabrielle Cornelious 2 months ago in success

and its mysterious deeds!

The Little Black Book
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It was my second business attempt and my last $15,000. I had invested in a beautiful upscale office space in the Atlanta, Georgia area. I was starting my own clothing brand M.A.D.A.M.E. I had planned to have a re-grand opening in a few weeks. Around noon I received a call from my attorney, explaining he had missed the fact that the property had a lien on it from some years ago in the amount of $75,000 and that Mr. Rutherford may have withheld some information from me but he hadn't been able to reach him by phone or emails.

I was livid and discouraged. I didn't know what I was going to do. The phone ring and it was Egypt she always knew when something was wrong. Hey sis! How are you? In her usual bubbly voice. Not to happy he took my money and there's a lien on the property I exclaimed through my tears. OMG! I'm sorry hear that her tone now sympathetic. "I know how hard you been working sis, everything will be ok don't cry" she said. You got this and I got your back. We talked for a few more minutes and hung up. Later that day there was a knock at the door by the time I made it no one was there just a big box someone had left. I took the box inside and it was unusually light to be such a big box. I open the box, it was filled with colorful paper and at the very bottom a little black book.

On the book it read "With this book you hold the keys to health, wealth, and prosperity . This book hold secrets that you must seek but one must look within self to complete. The tasks at hand must be fulfilled to unlocked the doors of your goodwill. Tell no one of your good deeds since no one ever sees a planted seed.

What's up with this book flipping it over to the back side for any information to where it could possibly come from but it was blank. I turned it back to the front and mysteriously the passage that was on the front had disappeared. Now that's creepy I said out loud but my curiosity made me opened it. The following page gave specific instructions . You have seven days to complete the task one task for each day. This couldn't be real. I tried turning the other pages to see what would happen but nothing, the pages didn't budge. I flipped the book once more to see what was going on but everything appeared normal. I sat it on the nightstand, laid in the bed thinking what would be in the instructions. What will I have to do? I drifted to sleep wondering.

The next morning I got up early instead of grabbing my phone to check my emails I grabbed the book open it up anxiously to see what it would say. In bold print it had the number one and the word charity and that was it. Was I supposed to help someone in need or donate to a charity. I got dressed and headed out the door. While at the stop light there was man holding a sign that read will work for food and shelter. This had to be a sign from the book I turned and parked my car. I got out greeted the man ,put a few bills in his hand and wished him well. He thanked me and I got into my car glad that I was able to help him. I finished my errands and stopped at the park checked my emails. My attorney wrote she had some leads and she would be in touch concerning lien on property. That was good news.

Day two was kindness. I had decided to tidy up around the house. I turned on some R&B and got to it. After a couple hours things were looking better and smelling better one more thing take the trash to dumpster I grabbed the bag and on my way I seen Mrs. Edwards my 70 year old neighbor who was struggling with her bag. I got that for you taking it out her hand. Thank you baby come over and I'll make us some sandwiches. She talked about her kids and grandkids, how she had been lonely since everything with the quarantine. I told her she could come by any time and that I would be checking on her more often. I gave her a hug before leaving out.

The following day page 3 read patience. Um.. I thought thinking that wasn't one of my strongest qualities. I decided to take the bus today maybe I could get a few good pictures with my camera that had been collecting dust. The bus pulled up in ten minutes that was perfect timing! I greeted the driver, payed my fare, and took a seat in the back. There was a lady a couple of seats in front of me with a fussy baby. She was rocking and shushing but to no avail the baby continued to cry. I decided to put my earbuds in but after digging in my bag I realized I had left them. People boarded and exited as we travel through the city and the fussy baby had not stop crying the entire ride.

The mom had tried everything . I guess the little guy wasn't feeling well because she exited in front of the hospital. I thought what patience the mom had to have on a daily basis all the time. I thought about the word patience all day and how I could better display it in my life. After a few hours of sight seeing and some great shots I headed home. As I walked there was $100 bill laying on the ground. Thanks universe !

Day 4 Compassion I figured this will be easy for me since I was always kind to everyone. I went jogging and I barely made it out my neighborhood good before I heard screeching tires and a dog howling in pain I ran towards the accident checked on the lady who was hysterical but not hurt I picked up the dog wrapped it in my sweater ran back to my car and rushed it to the vet. I didn't know who the dog had belonged to but I wanted to save it's life if possible. Once I had dropped the dog off I went back home. As I approached the driveway a guy and his daughter I assumed was standing there. The girl looked to be in tears "is everything ok?" I asked. Yes ma'am! we wanted to know how was the dog it was ours. She just got it . They were playing in the yard when it went after the ball into the street.

I'm so sorry I didn't know who it belonged to I was just trying to help. The vet said "the dog would be fine" here is the address handing him the card I have something for you as well placing money in my hand No... I can't take it I said. " Please do! he replied. After they left I went into the house to cleanup, I opened my hand and there was $500 I couldn't believe it.

The next morning I was filled with excitement not knowing what will be on my journey for today. It was day five and the word was faith. My faith had been tested many times. I had even doubted my faith as well. I knew with the lien situation I would definitely need to have hope that justice would prevail and that somehow I would get my money back.

I had a really great day everything was going great. I talked with Egypt today about her upcoming events and about me visiting soon. "How's everything going with you since we last talked?" she asked. Better than I expected giving the circumstances! I replied. That's what I wanted to hear! we both laughed! We talked for a few more minutes said our I love you and goodbyes and hung up. I was optimistic the remainder of the day. Knowing that everything would be alright. I decided not to worry about the wrong that had been done to me but to find the silver lining .

Before going to bed that night I checked my email one last time and there it was the one I had been waiting for. It read: Hi Africa great news the lien on the property had been reduced to$5000 due to negligence on another's behalf. I felt like I had won the lottery! There was hope after all!

I could barely sleep that night. I woke up the next morning more motivated than ever. It was day number 6 and the words read forgiveness. The first person that came to mind was Mr. Rutherford I had been upset with him about the money situation and the lien on the property. At first I didn't even have the thought of forgiving him for taking my hard earned savings. I closed the book and proceeded to the door to go for my jog thinking the entire time about forgiveness and Mr. Rutherford.

My thoughts were racing. So much has happened this past week since I had received the little black book. I had learned a lot about myself and had done some good and in return good was giving me. I had finished my two miles and had made it back to the house and there was Mr. Rutherford. I cleared my throat in surprise and to get his attention. What are you doing here? How can I help you? Trying to be polite as I could. You have some nerve showing up here after taking my money, not answering my calls or emails to explain what was going on. I was rambling on and on I didn't realize he had been trying to speak.

I am truly sorry Africa for any and all inconveniences. I received your emails and calls from you and your lawyer. My mother and been ill and past that following day after we had met. She was my light and my biggest supporter his voice trembling as he spoke. I could tell he was fighting back tears. I no longer was angry but sympathize with him. I gave my condolences and a hug he grabbed my hand gently and gave me a check for $20,000 my investment and another $5,000 for my troubles. It was enough to pay the fines and secure the building .I was speechless. I thanked him and we arranged to do the paperwork.

It was day seven and the last page in the book. The words read love. I read the words out loud and thought what it really meant. It was an action word that was meant to be displayed and felt. Also how awful my week had started and how great it had ended. All the ways I was able to show love, kindness, forgiveness, compassion, charity towards people and how those people impacted me and how all those things are ingredients of love.

I called Egypt and told her good news! "I told you everything would work out for you! " she said confidently! How did you know Egypt? The little black book! She chuckled! Did you send it? Laughing loudly I was wondering where it came from. I sent it to you because it brought me such good fortune but I wasn't able to tell you.

It appeared on my doorstep a week ago with specific instructions and after seven days to pass it along. It's still a mystery where the book came from. Well it worked for us! We both laughed! Who should we give it to next. That will be up to you. After talking a few minutes more we said our goodbyes! I love you sis ! I love you more and we hung up.

I held the book up and kissed it and placed it to my chest and breathe deeply thankful for the experiences and unexpected blessings. It was time to pass it along. I packed it in a box and drove down the street in hopes of seeing the man at the bus stop ,who I had met earlier in the week. He was there with his sign. I pulled over and gave him the box. This is for you may it bring you good fortune! Thank you ma'am I smiled and headed back to my car as I walking a bus passed by and on the side had Be The Light In Dark Places in bold letters and I knew it was sign.

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