The Life of a Free Bird

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A Corner in Life

The Life of a Free Bird

To all the youths who are moving out from their parents's homes and starting their own lives;

You have been living with your parents till now. You have been hoping this time for your whole life. Freedom, you might say. The freedom from the parents and starting your own life. "This is wonderful," you have said to yourself.

In fact, you are free from your parents which you have been long for. But the thing you didn't expect is that you are under the threshold of various kinds of problems. You are bound to your own decisions. The decisions which will decide your future.

There are youths who are scared to move out alone and those who are excited. Whether you are in the first group or the second one, it is time to make a change in your life, carrying your own responsibilities and starting your own path to success.

Responsibility is like carrying buckets of water with a shoulder pole. When you were young, your parent(s) carry the buckets and you have to follow around; playing and happy. As you grew older, you wanna know how it felt like to be carrying the pole. Next, you have to start helping them and some of your parents' acts in the process start to annoy you and you thought that it would be easier to carry it by yourself. When you really have to carry the buckets of water by yourself, you start to learn the struggles of your parents. You might wish you could have them there to help you.

You might not notice but they are always there to help you but they won't. Because they are there to help you to be mentally strong in carrying your own tasks.

It is the same in life. When you no longer a child, you have to start doing everything for yourself. You might find that your situation is miserable. But it is not. It is how you become more independent.

The more you become independent, the tasks become more difficult. The weight of responsibilities on your shoulders become heavier and your decisions become more crucial.

"Life is not fair," people said. In fact, it is neutral. It is your decisions that make the life the culprit of the bad moments in your lives.

The bad decisions, in fact, are not editable and are the best teachers for your life. Once you made a bad decision, try to learn from it rather than blaming yourself. Making a bad decision is not guilty, blaming one's self is the guilt which can make the life plunge to as deep as it could. The decisions don't only mean the decisions in education or work-life but also in social sector and every single aspect in one's life .

I might say that "Good decisions are the tiny parts of the big bad decision."

If you counter terrible events that you can't face or stand, remember there are your parents who always have your back. And also be strong enough to face these things. These are not curses or misfortunes. They are just part of your life. These just some things that you have to face at a corner of your life. The life of an independent One.

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