'The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F***'

by Persephone Jayne about a year ago in book review

I, readers, take on life changing f***ary.

'The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F***'

Uh oh. It's a curse word. It's okay. That's the only one. I promise, mostly.

A while back I read this book, The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck.

It's pretty silly and also spot on for what I've been working towards for like ten years now.

Sarah Knight describes the fucks you give as a bank account. You only have so many. They may replenish, but they are still finite. So doling them out with purpose is the only way to save ones sanity and thus ones happiness, or joy.

This is my life long dream. To only give my attention, time and energy to things I LOVE. My family. My friends (doing things we love), and writing. These are the first tier fucks that I will hand out with reckless abandon. Things like photography, lobster, moose trinkets, Billy Joel songs and Wicked, the musical and the book? Those are all on my second tier of fucks I will always dole out. I can honestly say that aside from money making endeavors to ensure that we provide for our family, I'm pretty good at only giving fucks where I want to (and as for the "making money" part? I'm working on that being only from things I give a fuck about).

The online YouNique party you invited me to? I will always decline. Not cause I hate you. Not 'cause I hate small businesses or work-at-home moms (I am one, BTW). Not 'cause I hate ladies who try to supplement their income or prepare an in home business for when they quit the nine to five to stay home with their littles. I know you, dual working mom who is one badass momma, rockin' her single, Sailor Mom life and being super cool and beautiful while she does it. No. I will always decline, simply because I don't wear make up. Have not worn it daily since... ever actually. Even if I attempt a "five minute no makeup" look. I will still always opt. to give that five minutes to sleeping.

I eventually got honest with myself and more importantly got okay with the fact that I didn't want to wear it. It's just not something I find important, for me. So I will not clutter my feed with your party nonsense. Now invite me to a make up party at your house... with actual people? I'll move heaven and earth to be there, because I like you, we are friends and I enjoy your company. I will probably even have fun trying stuff on and watching everyone else do amazing things with these products, as long as you know I will not be buying anything. Cause I don't give a fuck about makeup. You do. And I LOVE you for it.

I especially enjoyed this handy little flowchart.

Ms. Knight writes much like my friend Lacy speaks, so it's like chatting with a good friend. I've giggled, and even laughed right out loud... yup. Out. Loud.

I've enjoyed falling back on this philosophy as I "justify" choices. To myself, because something else you don't need is to explain yourself to others. It's your business what f***s you dole out and which you keep for something more important.

Life lessons learned in The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck.

Pick it up. Read it. Let me know what you loved about it!


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