The Importance of Hitting Rock Bottom

by Katherine Fernandez about a year ago in advice

Although We Try to Avoid It

The Importance of Hitting Rock Bottom

The magnificent year of 2018 is one of the first years of my nineteen-year-old life to ever smack me across the face unexpectedly. One would think that hitting rock bottom would never happen if you were mentally stable with a steady income and great social life. However, no one knows exactly what goes on in people's heads almost all of the time. Thoughts popping up back and forth along with anxieties that are almost 90 percent out of your control. It can be a time where things in life get messy without anyone ever knowing what is actually going on inside your mind.

One of my very close friends gave me a piece of advice that stuck with me. She said, "You can't look at other people and see their success and think that it'll never come to you. Everyone has their own path and rhythm to the beat of their own drums." Sometimes we get so caught up in our heads that it causes our visual perception to get cloudy and not actually see the blessings we have in front of our faces. This is the year where I learned everything happens for a reason. Whether you transferred universities multiple times, changed your major, met someone new or removed someone in your life. Everything has been planned out for you by the thing I call the universe. Whatever you want in life is already yours and all you need to do is chase after it.

The anxieties we process in our daily thoughts distracts us from what is already ours. You cannot worry about things that are literally out of your control. It's easier said than done but trust me. But as time goes on, you realize that it is exhausting as hell trying to keep up with your anxiety and you rather just let go of those thoughts and move on with your day.

I recently read a quote online not sure where exactly it is from but it stated, "Think of your thoughts as guests in your mind. Just like you can remove someone in your home, you can with your thoughts." We often lead our lives with the voice in your head that will steer you off in the wrong direction you are supposed to be headed on. Thoughts like doubt and fear will somehow control how we live our own life at such young age. Fear of trying something new and getting out of your comfort zone will keep you in the same mindset for years until you realize it's too late.

Hitting rock bottom can be a scary, dark place especially if it is the first time experiencing it. There are waves of ups and downs in your life that can change you forever. I experienced first hand that we all need to go through mud before ever growing into who we are meant to be. Hitting rock bottom involves self-reflecting of your life, mind, body and soul. You have to start self-reflecting the inner demons and fears that are blocking your full potential. Hitting rock bottom means seeing people in your life for who they are truly and wondering if they are with you during the tough times. Experiencing growth and healing while trying to battle other sections of yourself is not an overnight job. This involves forgiving others even if they aren't sorry, forgiving yourself for "thinking you have failed yourself", forgiving your parents for trying their best and forgiving the childhood you may have experienced. Each of us has experiences that make us who we are as a person. Living through rock bottom and practicing months work of healing taught me to be mindful of others and their state of well-being. You never know what the other person is going through on a day-to-day basis. You never know what certain words will do to someone at the end of your conversation with them. It is the little things that always matter.

Be humble. Enjoy life fully! You are not your thoughts. Take no "bad experience” as a bad thing but rather as learning experience. Don't see things as a negative rather than a positive and if you do, change your mindset. There are so many little things to actively heal and grow from each day. Neither focus on today or yesterday nor what is happening tomorrow. We all got this.

Love you xx.

Throughout time people come and go but the new people are always 100% better

Being "lost" does not necessarily mean that you are actually lost in life but rather in new unknown territory. Don't be afraid of this unknown place because you will never know how amazing it can change your life!

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Katherine Fernandez
Katherine Fernandez
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