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The importance of being confident

How can self-confidence be practiced?

By Mehedi Hasan ShawonPublished about a year ago 5 min read
The importance of being confident
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To be a perfect and successful person, it is important to have confidence. If you have faith and confidence in yourself then you will succeed in any endeavor and others will respect and trust you too. But if there is a lack of self-confidence then success cannot be achieved even in simple tasks. The melody of failure and fear always works in the mind. And the biggest cause of failure in life is fear.

Life is not a bed of roses. You must accept this statement. If you want to achieve success, you have to give up happiness. That is, if you read the biographies of great people, you will see that no one has succeeded without hard work. Nothing can be achieved in this real-world without suffering. But we get scared before we do anything great. People think, 'I might not succeed'. And the main reason for this fear is a lack of confidence.

Confidence is not always the same - it's normal. Confidence is reduced due to various incidents or failures. But those who are truly confident can easily regain lost confidence. You too can be able to infuse your confidence if you want. Some effective methods can help you to maintain your self-confidence.

Take responsibility for yourself

Renowned researcher Martin Saligman studied dogs in 1967. He used to give light electric shocks to many pet dogs for a few days. He would ring the bell every time before giving a shock. The dogs would get scared when the next bell rang. Because they thought they would be shocked after the bell rang. From then on, the electric shock device was removed and only the bell sounded.

From this study, Saligman discovered a theory. This is called "Learned Helplessness".

We find ourselves helpless in the same way. And we don't even know we're helpless. We are afraid to start something new when we fail at something. But I do not think that the reasons for the failure of the past will be repeated. We do not assume that we will fail even when the danger is over, we are restless for fear of danger. In other words, we do not accept the rate of reading in bad situations.

But if we take responsibility for ourselves and deal with bad situations with wisdom, then we can succeed. If you have failed in the past due to a lack of knowledge or skills, acquire new knowledge and skills and start working again. But in the absence of self-confidence, we do not simply think. So no matter how many problems you have in your life, take responsibility for changing them. Find the causes of failure and prepare yourself. Believe that you will succeed.

Find a purpose in life and walk that path

"A man without an aim, like a boat without a rudder." Most of the people in our society live according to the words of others. The way society teaches them, the way they are told to go, they go. They do not know why they are doing that. They have no purpose in life. But when they have a difficult problem, society does not help them and they cannot solve it themselves.

They blame fate for the failure. But it is their fault. They don't listen to their minds. They don't plan according to their mind. Because they do not have a specific goal in life, they carry the burden of failure. In school-college, society, or family, we are becoming accustomed to following the dictates of others. As a result, we lose the right to make our own decisions. And that's how we are losing faith in ourselves.

So it is important to set our purpose in life. Think about it, what you are thinking, what you are doing, where you want to see your life - are these your dreams? Or are you being forced to do this under the pressure of society? If so, try to do as you please. Try to set your own goals in life. Plan to reach your goals and objectives, and acquire knowledge and skills. When you fulfill your goals and objectives, you will see that you have developed strong self-confidence.

Try to match words and deeds

For example, Liam and Smith are two friends. Liam always says what will work but can't. But Smith does what he says. Who do you think is more confident?

Of course, Smith would feel more confident. Similarly, you will lose respect in the eyes of people for acting against your own beliefs and words. If you want to do something in front of people, if you don't do it, no one will respect you. As a result, your self-esteem will decline and your self-confidence will decrease.

So it is important to have the same words and deeds to maintain self-confidence. In this way, just as one has faith in oneself, so one gets respect from others.

Accept your limitations

Accept your limitations. No one is 100% perfect as a human being. So acknowledge your weaknesses. For example, some are short, some are tall, and some are fair. But your self-confidence and character traits set you apart from others. Success and failure do not depend on the physical beauty of the person. It all depends on how confident and honest you are.

One has to transform one's limitations into strengths. Then no one else will be able to reprimand you for using it. But all kinds of limitations cannot be accepted blindly. If you do not know how to swim, don't sit still. Because if you try, you will learn to swim. There are two kinds of limitations between us. The first type is the limitations that we cannot change even if we want to. And the second type is the ones we can change if we try.

But if your height is 5 feet 2 inches and you have nothing to do to increase the height. Then accept it as your limitation. You shouldn't be upset about it anymore. So don't worry about the limitations, think about the ones that are under your control and make the right plan. Start working from today. Instill confidence in your mind that you must succeed.


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