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The Five Senses...Interconnected

by kaley holmes 4 years ago in book review
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The Gateway to Balance and Harmony Within the Mind, Body, Soul, and Life Itself in Five Simple Steps.

Quote by Rumi Kaur. . 

As humans, the gateway to balance and harmony within our body, mind, soul, and life itself can be managed through the five senses in five simple ways.

I am going to try to make this as simple as possible. This concept was introduced to me reading Deepak Chopra’s How to Know God—The Soul’s Journey Into The Mystery of Mysteries. It seriously changed my perception on how we experience life, and Deepak separates these experiences in depth in seven different sections, if you do choose to read the book. Most will assume—I did, as well—that this book involves an abundance of religious views and restrictions, however, not only does Deepak dabble into the acceptance, approval, and equality of each and every religion, but he also expresses his scientific truth to how God exists, exploring seven different ways we have experienced this first hand. I loved this, and it resonated with me a lot because my beliefs underlie respecting religious diversity in all forms, because religion has the power to bring salvation, peace, and meaning to the lives of several people. Although this may be so in a positive aspect, religion has also been the driving factor to a lot of war and death in the world. Not to single religion out—money, disagreement, owning land, and so many other things have also been a driving factor to death and war, as well. This is just a part of reality, but this also explains why I, personally, haven't been to keen on devoting myself to a particular religion, even though I equally respect each. I have studied world religions and have taken out particular practices from Hindu and Buddhist cultures in particular, even though I was born Christian. Not a lot of people would agree with this. They may say I am betraying my religion while, in my eyes, I am expressing myself creatively. I don't want to go to into too much depth here about my views, beliefs, and values, because it is personal and can be a very sensitive topic for some; however, I do want to get the point across that I accept all religion, all choices, the values and beliefs of everyone, because diversity, uniqueness, and variety are qualities that bring so much beauty to the world and life. I am proud to consider myself as a spiritual being, born Christian. I go to church sometimes, I pray to God, but I also mediate, practice yoga, believe in saints, but also Hindu deities, etc. I have no limits. I am connected to everything in life. I have a strong connection with my soul self and I try my best to allow my intuition to help me make decisions. My intuition also helps me discover what I believe in and what I allow into my stream of consciousness. I am not my hair, I am not my face, I am not my body, I am a divine, spiritual being existing as a human on earth for a temporary experience. I am connected to my inner self. I don't need to do anything in particular to be a spiritual or religious being, because I am aware of my divine power that resides within me. I choose what I do in the material world. My soul exists in a quantum realm that connects me to the physical/material realm. Deepak expresses this as well, much better than I can. To add to this, a lot of us feel that God is out there, or a divine being or higher power—several mysterious events that can't be explained have happened to each and every one of us. Prayers have been answered, miraculous, profound things and near death experiences, etc. But we all wonder how this can be, and why us? Deepak further explains this. It is truly incredible. My goal isn't to go on a tangent about this book, but it is an incredible read if this kind of thing interests you. I have included the link to this read at the bottom of the post. I found everyone a great price on Thriftbooks, but it can be purchased just about anywhere!

Now, to get back on track about what I wanted to share with this post…

The FIVE steps to creating a healthy balance and harmony within your mind-body constitution.


I took a course about a year ago with The Chopra Centre; a course created by Deepak Chopra on the topic of Ayurveda. For those of you who do not know, Ayurveda is the traditional Hindu system of medicine, which is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems and uses diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing. Now, don’t get scared, this isn’t the final answer and it's time to get the idea out of your mind that there is a final destination, because the reality is that it is a journey and it always will be. A journey that requires trial and error, heartache, lessons, failures, successes, adversity, loss, happiness and growth. Everything you can possibly imagine. Another term for this is called duality and in order for us to fully experience and appreciate happiness, we must endure sadness. Same goes for success and failure and even balance and imbalance. They exist in harmony with one another, and so do the five senses.

The nervous system has a specific sensory nervous system, and a sense organ, or sensor, dedicated to each sense. Humans have a multitude of sensors: Sight (vision), hearing (audition), taste (gustation), smell (olfaction), and touch (somatosensation) are the five traditionally recognized senses. Most of us are familiar with this. However, did you know the gateway to the soul is through the five senses?

This can be proved through how connected we feel through every one of the five senses. For example, when we listen to a song that resonates with us, our favorite tunes or sounds, we feel such a sense of completion and wholeness. This is our souls way of telling us “You found me—through this song.” If you further examine this phenomenon, you can potentially guess, or then interpret your past lives, depending on how creative you are and how your mind works. Here is am example how: If you resonate with more classical music, maybe you were a classical musician in your past life, if you resonate with more modern day rap or hip/hop maybe this is your first experience as a human here on earth. I could go on and on sparking creative ideas to your mind but truth is, YOU are the only person who holds the truth to your own experiences. You hold the key to the door of pure potentiality within all aspects of life. Psychics and palm readers are individuals who devoted their lives to enhancing this gift that we all have the potential to access, but to keep things as raw as possible, if you sit there with these thoughts, you may come up with several options, all of which—one may be more accurate than the other, but you will never truly know. You can see a psychic or palm reader for validation on your thoughts, but if you truly do not believe, you won't allow these experiences into your stream of consciousness. However, the closer connection and bond you create with your intuition (your gut feeling) and your higher self, the self that knows all, you will feel a sense of peace with one of these conclusions more than the other, and that is usually the one that holds the truth. You may also simply feel a sense of peace with these all being potential possibilities and accept that you will never truly know. This is exactly how palm readers do their work; they listen to the inner workings of their being and it takes a lot of practice. It is a gift that some are granted with at a higher capacity than others. Some consciously choose to access it, some choose to stay ignorant, while some are so bluntly led to this talent they have and they feel that there is no other way. They are being called to this profession as a life purpose. All in all, we ALWAYS have the choice.

The same goes with taste, sight, touch, smell and hearing, they have the power to give us such a sense of connection, so deeply, it's indescribable. They are so immensely powerful, guiding us to memories, feelings deep inside of us, meaning and truth, what we like and dislike, and an overall sense of who we are or closer to it. These are all ways to describe what our soul is and where we came from.

We only feel imbalance within our bodies and minds because we are disconnected from our soul. We have neglected our soul and therefore neglected the five senses. We have shut the voice of our soul out and therefore we have shut out our intuition when it only wants to help, help to bring balance and harmony within our bodies and minds; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritual balance.

What does this mean? This means we must get back in touch with our five senses, with conscious application and effort. Please keep an open mind here.

“I eat a bag of chips because I like chips and chips make me happy—I am fulfilling my sense of taste. They also remind me of picnics, bring me back to my childhood. This is one thing, but if I always fulfill this desire to eat chips because they make me feel good, I am neglecting other aspects of my sense of taste. Just because I like chips doesn't mean I am creating balance within my body and mind. I am creating further imbalance, actually. Healthy balance is exploration; eating a variety of the different food groups, eating as much organic as possible because chemicals aren't good for anyone (but remember you can't always avoid this—going to restaurants and such...) but do your part as much as you can. Even if you can't afford to purchase organic every time, the few times you do count more than you know! Balance in the sense of taste is treating yourself to those treats—not hating yourself for it, but enjoying it and understanding what it is doing for your body-mind, which is actually positive.

My sense of smell; If I explore a variety of scents that make me happy and include them in my life on a day to day basis, from scented flowers in the house, to subtle aromatic essential oil diffusers, to the smell of a fresh baked pie coming out of the oven, to the fresh ocean breeze—It can bring us such a sense of wholeness and happiness. This is another way your soul is responding “You have once again found me.” The best part is that this is unique for everyone. What one individual may love and remind them of a beautiful memory may bring someone else disharmony. We can often be polar opposites, and this is why we must explore ourselves intuitively. What one scent may do for one may do the exact opposite for another. Same goes for sight, sound, touch, and taste.

If this is balance…What is TRUE balance...

TRUE balance is Ayurveda.

Ayurveda has many different aspects, but one in particular I am going to focus on is body-mind constitution/type. There are three body types also known as Doshas. These are known as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, and are all constituting different qualities and forms. However, all three Doshas derive from the five elements of nature; fire, earth, water, space, and wind. YOU have a unique body-mind constitution, therefore what you taste, what you hear or listen to, what you touch and feel, what you smell, see, and look at will either bring you more balance or create imbalance for your body-mind constitution, depending on your Dosha type. It is said every human is all three types; however, to different and varying degrees. For example you may predominantly be a Vata, but you also have Pitta and Kapha qualities, once again always returning to the concept of balance.

The GREAT thing you can do with this Dosha information is gain knowledge on where to start with the five simple steps;

  1. What to eat (taste) to create balance and harmony within my body-mind
  2. What scents to surround myself or infuse (smell) to create balance and harmony within my body-mind
  3. What to listen to (hearing/sound) to create balance and harmony within my body-mind
  4. What kind of massage (touch) will further create balance and harmony within my body-mind
  5. What colors to wear and scenery to surround oneself with (sight) to create balance and harmony within the body-mind

Take the Dosha type quiz here with Deepak to discover your unique Dosha type!

Dosha Quiz—The Ayurveda Experience

Please answer the questions based on how you’ve been or felt generally throughout your life, rather than how you’re currently feeling. For example, if you’ve...

And the even better part? Deepak makes this really easy for us on his Chopra Centre website. He has created a unique plan that covers a proposal for each one of the senses depending on what Dosha type you are!

I was able to discover so much about myself! Why I felt so imbalanced was because I wasn't eating foods that created more balance within me. I am Pitta-Vata predominantly, and because Pitta is ruled by the element fire —(agni)—I have a lot of fire already within me, but I also love spicy food! Eating lots of spicy food when being a Pitta can be done every now and again but it also creates a lot of imbalance within your body-mind, it can make us angry and agitate our constitution.

Along with this, music was another huge thing that surprised me. Each Dosha has music that imbalances us and balances us, even if your Dosha type depicts that heavy metal and rap will imbalance your body-mind, but this just so happens to be your favorite kind of music… BALANCE is key, it always is. This doesn't mean you will never find mind-body balance listening to this variant of music, but it can enlighten you to broaden your horizons with sounds and different music styles/genres. If you spend the day listening to heavy metal, balance that out with listening to soft and calming rainforest sounds or binaural beats when you fall asleep—or whatever music your Dosha suggests will bring you balance. Or challenge yourself! Listen to the style your Dosha suggests, even when you want to listen to heavy metal and see how you feel, observe your thoughts, observe how your body feels, your emotions, and be patient. Give the change a chance and see if in moments or by the end of the day you feel more balanced.

My best advice…

Stay consistent. Consistency yields the best results.

To sum up the abundance of information I have shared with you: The five senses are interconnected and linked together. In order to create a sense of balance and harmony within ourselves, our bodies, minds, souls, and life itself, we must start with US; our unique, individual selves. Doing just this is within our control. Sometimes a lot isn’t. The state of this world is not in our control, nor is what other people say to us or how they treat us, but what we can control is what we dominantly share with our five senses. This is essentially the relationship we are building and growing with our soul self. That there, is EMPOWERING!

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