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The Black Book of Profase

The Shift - The Winning Ticket

So … you believe you’ve learned the greatest story ever told; and you suppose you’ve heard the greatest fishing-tale. But you don’t believe in miracles, angels, or fairy tales, prophecy, or spirit guides … Keep Reading.

It began with a thought, a remarkable understanding of the conscious and unconscious mind, synchronicity, and a ton of what-ifs. It’s a story about PK, a seemingly broke dreamer who needed a ½ billion dollars to develop their 200-acre family farm in Grand Cane, Louisiana. He was outwardly broke; besieged by IRS, as well as the DA's Office, and a host of other dream-crushers.

The Shift

There is a shift taking place … affecting every area of our life. Have you noticed the shift unfolding before our very eyes all over the planet? What shift, you may ask. Have you not noticed the changes in our medical and banking institutions, in education, even in the way we do church and the way we create money?

The shift was prophesied by sages of old saying it would come to pass and others saying … many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first. Maybe the wait was over.

PK stopped playing Farmville on Facebook long enough to go and purchase a lottery ticket. The jackpot? A whopping ½ billion dollars and he thought … Yes! The winning ticket would be more than enough to create his own Farmville.

The Winning Ticket

Returning to playing Farmville, PK reminisced about his 1st visit to his grandfather’s amazing 200-acre farm in 1955 when he was seven. Grand Pa grew things; sugar cane, watermelons, beans and corn and he had horses, cows, mules, pigs, goats, and chickens. Oh yeah … and fishing holes. But Grand Pa died, and the farm went to sleep just like the rest of the town of Grand Cane.

PK didn’t know at seven that he was wealthy. He couldn’t conceptualize then that this land was his inheritance and his promised land, and he gave no thought to … what would it take to possess the land?

Often musing, PK was amused that his Grand Pa amassed 100’s of acres of land with only a 3rd grade education but he and his siblings couldn’t even plant a tree on the property with all our masters and doctorates. And he thought … many times people see the end-result while they fail to understand the process to get there. And he thought again …

A story is told of a nation who was given their promised land, were told to go in and possess it, not realizing that possessing it required fighting giants, diseases, and attitudes. But they did it!

PK thought ... we’re unstoppable ... we're possessing our land — whatever the cost!

Miracle Needed

In the 90’s, PK thought of moving to Grand Cane, possessing their land, building dream houses, and living happily ever after … it was just a dream. Nevertheless, refusing to give up on his dream, the dream only got bigger and bigger, and even now not materializing he concluded — it’s gonna take a miracle.

But he believed in miracles. His mom often reminded him and his siblings that they were miracle children. At 5, she fell and hurt herself badly. A doctor told her she would never have children, so she always told us, “you’re miracle children, I wasn’t supposed to have children. Now I have 8 miracle children.”

In 2010 our farm came alive as millions of dollars of drilling equipment was brought to our property to tap into the natural buried under our land. Not only under our land. This was big! This gas formation started at the Texas Border and stretched to The State of Arkansas. Tap into the gas it did, pumping an amazing 84 thousand dollars a day. We thought … we’re rich! But the gas company declared the gas surplus which means the gas stopped pumping and so did royalty checks.

PK read this story of a miracle worker. Synchronicity he thought. It read … the miracle worker arrived at the official’s home, saw the noisy crowd, and heard funeral music.

“Get out!” he told them. “The girl isn’t dead; she’s only asleep.”

The crowd laughed at him. After the crowd was put out the miracle worker went in and took the girl by the hand, and she stood up! The report of this miracle swept through the entire countryside.

PK thought … Grand Cane, Louisiana isn’t dead, she’s just been asleep. Something inside PK assured him; he was gonna be the one to wake up the town of Grand Cane. That it would be the tale of a miracle that swept through the entire countryside.

Keeping his mind on things that are true … honest … just … pure, lovely, of good report and virtuous, he knew that whatever you focus on expands.

What If

PK begin to ask himself some what-if questions. Like … what-if he had all the money he wanted to do whatever he wanted to do with ... or what-if he took a canvas and painted his dream on it. Not simply a canvas that his dream houses would fit on but a giant canvas that he could place all his dreams on, no limits. So, on his giant canvas he begins to paint his dream. The development of their 200 acres. He knew it was a big chunk to chew.

Ever hear a soft still voice in the top of your cranium telling you to do something? That’s your spirit guide. Everyone has one.

PK’s spirit guide, now known as his partner, told him to see this giant canvas as his dream board.

Dream Board

Thoroughly familiar with the art of thinking big, PK thought … instead of a dreamhouse only for himself, what-if he could construct estate homes for each of his siblings … on a golf course facing the landing strip for jet aircraft? And what-if the houses were surrounded by a specimen garden/nursery with greenhouses and a park-like setting with a landscape supply center to properly care for their new green community?

PK thought Okay. NO LIMITS! What-if we build a veteran’s village with transitional housing for veterans, homeless persons, and others and a luxury housing development for seniors?

PK thought again, we’ve got the land and too much unpainted canvas. What-if we were to construct an award-winning luxury resort casino?

Still thinking PK recollected, we’re gardeners, what-if we grow medical cannabis and process it for oil and edibles in a state-of-the-art production facility?

Before PK finished, his dream board included a 700,000 square-foot logistics services warehouse covered with solar panels generating 1 mw of power, an onsite turnkey robot operated solar panel manufacturer company, a 12,000-seat state-of-the-art family life conference center, a factory five racing car assembly facility with our streets designed to accommodate testing of high-performance vehicles and miniature racecars. A miniature race car facility, pizza palace fun center complex for children, swim and tennis complex, public transportation (a minibus service) and a water treatment facility.

The Black Book

PK, his spirit guide told him, it is good that you share your vision with no one. No one else would understand. That is why we gave the vision to you. It is not necessary that they understand. Only you must understand.

Continuing, he said, it is okay to be the sigma male that you are. Continue your quest for knowledge. The divine infinite universe will reward you with all you have requested. Now you must take a notebook and begin writing the alphabet and aside each letter, you must write a law that pertains to prosperity. Such as The Law of Imaging and The Law of Sowing and Reaping. Follow the laws explicitly and you will always have great wealth. Title this Black Notebook The ABC’s of Prosperity.

Shortly thereafter, his partner told him to take another notebook and again, do the same thing; write the alphabet and this time, aside each letter, write some of the components or information about Faith. Like … why faith is important, what true faith is, how faith comes, and types of faith, etc. Internalize, then follow this information in a clear and detailed manner, leaving no room for confusion or doubt and great wealth will follow. Faith is one of the of the synergistic components of the Book of Profase. This notebook came to be called, The ABC’s of Faith and then shortly thereafter, the spirit guide said, take another notebook and do the same thing again … write the alphabet. Now, aside each letter, you are to list names of books that will serve as motivation. Books like Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins, The Wealth Choice by Dennis Kimbro, and The Magic Of Thinking Big . These will be messages that you must study daily. Call this Black Book, The ABC’s of Best Sermons. The Black Book of Profase is the sequel to The ABC Book series.

PK wasn’t sure what to think of all this. He kept hearing; be fruitful and multiply; you reap what you sow; give and it shall be given to you in great measure, and you’ve got everything you need to do whatever you want.

By now PK was thinking, show me the money. But no money showed up and now his spirit guide was directing him to begin a meditation garden where he must study the plethora of ways the black books could be implemented and when implemented, then he would be wealthy.

Again, doing exactly as directed the spirit guide said, you have done an excellent job; you have followed my instructions exactly as directed. Your Black Books have made you wealthy spiritually. Now you will become wealthy in tangible materials. But you need a coach.

PK contacted a coach and was asked: how can we help; what do you have. PK responded, I’m a motivation speaker, I’ve got three books written, and I’m hungry. I want to speak before sold-out audiences, I want my book series to be a best seller, and I want lots of money.

PK‘s coach said, I can tell you’ve done a lot. This is what we’ll do. We’ll do SEO for your social media presence, improve your Email usage, ready your books for kindle usage, market your books on Amazon and other sites, and set up a speaking tour for you.

After listening in amazement and unbelief, PK now asked, how much is all this gonna cost? To which the coach responded, my team and I charge $15,000 for these services, however, to perform all that is necessary, there is an additional $5,000; that would be $20,000.

PK knew the drill all too well; if it sounded too good to be true, it probably was. At which time the coach responded … but for you, listen! Our company has earned millions for ourselves and our clients. We want to give something back. For you, something is directing us to do something very special. We’re going to coach you pro bono. FOR FREE! All that we’re asking from you is that you make a video; The $20,000 Book Deal.

The ABC Book Series became a best seller and made millions. The sequel to The ABC Book Series, The Black Book of Profase became a video and subsequently the movie, Bringing New Life To Grand Cane, Louisiana. THE REST IS HISTORY!

Imagine, it all began with a thought. Imagine! Look for the announcement of The Vocal Retreat at PK’s resort in Grand Cane, Louisiana in 2023.

I'm just saying.

Kenneth Ellis Hughes Senior
Kenneth Ellis Hughes Senior
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Kenneth Ellis Hughes Senior

Pastor Kenneth Ellis Hughes, Senior is Executive Director of New Life Recovery Center, Grand Cane, LA. Honorably discharged USAF; POST Certificate California DOJ, former Deputy Sheriff for Alameda County. I am a writer and gardener.

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