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The 3 Disasters In Life That Will Make You Unhappy Without You Detecting Them


By kikolo162Published 11 months ago 4 min read
The 3 Disasters In Life That Will Make You Unhappy Without You Detecting Them
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You find that you don't have enough time where you can find yourself and recharge your batteries on your own to free your heart and your mind. Your thoughts and feelings prevent you from seeing and acting in the things of life that could help you flourish. You have great difficulty concentrating, you find it difficult to go through with what you set yourself the goal of accomplishing and you often get lost in your thoughts.

Unfortunately, today we are all victims of the same disease, the disease of thinking. Finding yourself in your thoughts is not bad, it is the fact of overthinking that kills your creative spirit and stifles your inner faculties. Today the fact of thinking too much leads some people to anxiety, more frequent outbursts of anger, and even depression. Few people manage to cure their minds, because that is where the source of your innermost problems lies.

Here you will discover turnkey solutions adapted to be like those people who have peace of mind and heart and who have no mental limit, which leads these people to inevitably meet with success in their lives. . Pay close attention to the sequel so that you can benefit from its secrets to find the hidden face of infinite success in your life.

1st disaster: The media and society

We live in a consumer society, with the sole purpose of feeding the pockets of people who want to dominate man for their gain. We are bombarded with entertainment which is generally something that eats and eats your time without counting. You have probably already wanted to look at a simple piece of information on your phone, tablet, or computer and then see a variety of advertising, gag videos, promotional events, product placements, and so on.

We are constantly, every day in contact with more than 30 miles of advertising or promotion circulating on the internet. It impacts the way you think and sees what surrounds you. These are methods of influence and incentive manipulation, to push you to think less of your person and lead to consumption. Especially guess what? These methods have been proven and work, you just have to look around you and see how society lives.

In addition, people find it difficult to be satisfied with the life they have. It is increasingly difficult to find fulfillment and happiness. Besides, to understand the problem of the fulfillment of 97% of people today, download your free downloadable podcast at the end of this article. Indeed, due to the lack of deep fulfillment, we seek more and more to escape the problems of everyday life and to escape. The entertainment business takes a big place in our lives to the point that it has become an obsession or even an addiction.

Countless people no longer live and depend entirely on their sources of distraction, because we justify our presence on these entertainment media, by the fact that we need a good breather. This is true in a certain sense, but the place it occupies is much more important than the acceptable norm. The truth behind this is that humans justify this behavior to escape their discomfort, and take their minds into a virtual universe to convince themselves that life is better in this artificial world. So how can we do things that are more productive and healthy for our minds?

2nd disaster: The viruses of your mind

Develop the faculties of your mind by seeking to know yourself more fully. Knowing yourself is a key to your fulfillment and liberation of the spirit. This involves being aware of one's thoughts, this is called metacognition. You should know that your mind is in constant observation because your survival instinct is constantly active. You have to learn to be aware of your feelings and your thoughts of the moment, many gurus call it:


It's a way of saying that your way of seeing the world must be perceived so that you can enjoy and be fully aware of what you are doing. It develops your faculties and skills as an intelligent being. So being happy is not a fixed state, it is a process of creation, evolution, and creativity. So the more you participate in this process, the more your evolution and your inner well-being will increase.


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