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The 3 Disadvantages Of The Existence Led From Your Tender Childhood

by kikolo162 2 months ago in advice
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The 3 Disadvantages Of The Existence Led From Your Tender Childhood
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You still suffer today from your pains that go back to your lived past, you have difficulty in overcoming certain injustices or injuries that you have suffered during your life, this emotional baggage prevents you from moving forward in life, and you may even have trouble managing your emotions.

You continue to move forward in life and show everyone that you are fine, but sometimes inside you, it is a constant storm. When you find yourself alone, you feel the need to escape and get away from your worries. Above all, you ask yourself:


Today more and more people have run away from their problems and are trying to fight their hurt in their way. Some think that you have to let time take its course and that sooner or later you will forget. For others it is unbearable and they take refuge in alcohol, overeating, drugs, or even a strong addiction to masturbation.

We all live with this intimate need to seek our happiness, now it is difficult to seek it from the moment the difficulties of life arise and prevent us from seeking our happiness. You will have access to crucial information to perceive the tracks that will help you find true fulfillment and emotional release through this work that will be delivered personally.

1st Disadvantage: The reason for “our misfortunes”

Life is full of pitfalls and we consider lucky those who keep their vitality, energy, and sweat success. In reality, these people are just like you, they had their low blows, and difficult events hit them, such as a breakup, betrayal, loss of a loved one, contempt and rejection from others, injustice, disrespect, and abuse.

Now, what makes these people manage to live fully in fulfillment and not just in appearance? This is a big question that deserves special attention. But we must first observe the reason for all this injustice.

You should know that we live in a society where desires and selfish desires take precedence over the interests of a group. We can see that when we are with several people, each idea expressed even within the group, even if it appears to give a point of view on a common goal to be achieved, the idea expressed within this group is not other than the desired vision of the one who proposed it.

In addition, we cannot read hearts and know everyone's intentions. Some are ready to manipulate to achieve their ends in a discussion or a debate. This case is often found in romantic relationships in a more accentuated way.

If we take the case of Adolf Hitler who was in power during the Second World War for the German state, his intentions were not perceptible. But he used arguments that suit people to benefit and gain power. Many politicians act the same way, but overall more and more people are doing the same without realizing it to acquire what they desire deep in their hearts.

Because these are attitudes that are rooted in these toxic characters. So we suffer first of all because we are in an environment that is not favorable to our development. If you start by changing your surroundings and the environment in which you find yourself, you will have taken the first step in your inner healing. Then another question arises: what is the second step to take for better healing? Before answering this, I invite you to download your free downloadable podcast at the end of the article to understand the problem of the fulfillment of 97% of people today.

2nd disadvantage: The inability to see the world as it is.

Even if you change your environment, that is not enough. First of all, you have to know that we are human beings who have emotions. And an emotion only takes shape when you decide to put your energy toward a specific feeling. And if that particular feeling becomes repetitive, it will shape your way of thinking, and then that way of thinking will eventually become part of your personality.

So the person you are today was shaped by your emotional baggage, which was influenced by your environment. But it was above all the way you acted in the face of all these waves of feelings that determined whether or not you were going to keep this attitude. If for example, you continue to act in the same way when you feel a certain emotion, then you are sending the order to your person. interior to adopt this attitude. Whereas if you react differently than usual in a repetitive way, you are once again sending another type of inner order to adopt.

In general, for someone who locks himself in substances or as mentioned above overeating and drinking, is nothing but a temporary refuge to escape the situation that makes him suffer. For example, people who run away in the drink have been found to typically be people who have been beaten and abused by an aggressive parent. Sometimes even people who overindulge in drinking are people who have been the victim of social rejection since early childhood.

They were put aside or even taken advantage of the kindness and friendliness of these people. For other people emotional dependence, when she gets into a romantic relationship is inevitable. Because it seeks through the partner this need to fill an apparent void. And to fill this void, the constant need for affection and attention can sometimes be excessive and the desire to be attached to another person becomes unhealthy.

All his addictions and the search for escape through his means must gradually diminish. So try to get rid of those things that destroy your body to avoid more suffering.


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