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Thank you for not giving up on yourself

by Abika 2 months ago in advice
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Never give up on yourself

Thank you for not giving up on yourself
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In a world where opportunities are endless, there is little to no motivation in a significant percentage of the population. So much so that there is a brain drain worldwide. Many believe the younger generation cannot work to earn. But they are wrong! The problem is the lack of MOTIVATION. Whether it's self-motivation or motivating others, the problem is that there is little to no motivation left in us.

Can we fix this problem? That's is a million-dollar question. What would it take to pull yourself or someone else from the deep dark ruins of no motivation to a place of self-motivation? What can you do to maintain a steady momentum and keep things going? We can answer these questions and remove the heavy cloud holding the world at ransom. These questions, and remove the heavy cloud holding the world at ransom.

Questions...questions and more questions.

Motivation is needed everywhere and for every task to be completed. Even students need some motivation at one point or another. In fact, a popular question from a significant percentage of students is

"What motivates you to study?"

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The motivation to stay on track with a study is something personal. No one can really give advice on how to achieve personally motivated goals. The most others can do is share their tips and experience, from which you may find the motivation to get back on your study schedule. Importantly, the most common cause of lack of motivation, especially in students is exhaustion. Although you may be motivated when the body and mind are exhausted there is no will or motivation to do anything but rest and rejuvenate.

If you are seeking advice to get back on track with your study schedule here are 5 things you can do:

  1. Get a good night's rest. A well-rested body and mind are more likely to be motivated to complete tasks.
  2. Rise early in the morning to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise. Research shows that persons who are energized are more driven to complete tasks. This fact is attributed to the increase in blood circulation and endorphins released during exercise.
  3. Try to get a balanced meal for breakfast. Think about what happens to you when you are hungry. The mind can no longer focus on the task at hand because the "belly" is very loud. Therefore, to avoid this problem begin the day with a solid meal.
  4. Make daily goals that you can accomplish. Making goals and working towards them is great, but remember that these goals should be achievable. Therefore, when setting up a study schedule, for example, assign time slots to courses that are related. If you are a slow reader assign adequate time to go through the material. Try not to rush the material.
  5. Find a quote that inspires you and recite it daily. Reciting a quote that restores your energy and gives purpose is a similar but effective way to motivate yourself.

What if your problem is not getting motivation but staying motivated?

Is there a way to trick the body into staying motivated? Finding motivation is hard, imagine how hard it would be to stay motivated. The answer to this question is...

Finding the right inspirational source

Inspiration is all around us, the hard part is opening up ourselves to it. Use examples from:

  1. Other people struggles
  2. News reports
  3. Poems and articles in books
  4. Personal accomplishments
  5. Taking short breaks to reenergize the body

Staying motivated is as important as finding the right source of motivation. Above is a shortlist of ways you can stay motivated.

Are you close to the end and want to give up?

By Sarah Ardin on Unsplash

When you are at this fork in the road a decision is essential. When giving up and no motivation is due to body and mind exhaustion then it is necessary to stop and rest. Taking time to revitalize your energies is not losing motivation. It gives the body energy to build momentum to keep going.

On the other hand, finding a source of motivation can be hard. Using the same five concepts above but rearranging the order will help to keep you motivated.

Start with planning and mapping out your goals. Put pen to paper, because seeing what is in your head adds dimension and brings your goals into focus.

Next, find an anchor. An anchor that serves to remind you of the ultimate goal. A quote or a motivational speech is usually the best option. When you are faced with these doubts or seem to have lost the motivation and momentum this anchor will put you back on track.

The last step is to take daily steps that keep you motivated. This includes exercises, rising early in the morning, and taking a balanced breakfast. No matter what the goal is, staying healthy sets the base to keep the body in good health.

Giving up on your goals and dreams due to a lack of motivation should never be an option. You can find motivation in and around you. It is a matter of where to find it.

Can these steps work and help you to stay motivated?

Staying motivated is hard. But the best part of using this five-step concept is that it is not specific to one goal. You can apply the steps to absolutely any project you may lose focus on over time. In fact, I have used this exact process for myself in many of my endeavors. Yes, that includes writing.

Truth is writing as a freelancer on platforms like Vocal Media and Medium is not easy. Especially if writing here is a source of extra income. Many days it is difficult to generate sufficient content to share. More so, finding new topics to write about, bringing new a dimension that other writers have already written about is the worse. Thus many writers quickly lose hope and motivation for writing.

This 5 step concept has gotten me through many days and episodes of writer's block. Unfortunately, I did learn about this concept until after college and high school. But in the short periods of studying, I still have to do for my regular 9-5 job, applying this motivational concept is a great help. Compiling this very article required the same technique I'm sharing.

After finding the much-needed motivation, it is time to make it a habit.

When you have grasped the concept of how to find motivation, it is time to make this practice a habit. After all, practice makes perfect. Although you may not need to apply it in everything you do, it is good to practice transforming your doubts into episodes of productivity.

Never withhold knowledge. Perfecting the art of finding and staying motivated doesn't mean personally using only. Teaching others how to do the same builds the depth of your understanding also. During the exchange of information, you may discover new ways to motivate yourself and others.

Now it is time to unlock your full potential and stay ahead.

By Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

Now for a very personal question, why should you seek out methods to stay motivated? The answer to this question is all about you and what your goals are in life.

As children, our parents generally made all the important life decisions. But as adults, parents lose that role and you are now responsible for yourself. In life, nothing comes easily. To succeed it will take a habit of self-motivation or finding motivation from your environment.

Unlocking your potential means pushing your limits to achieve your goals. To complete the final step of staying motivated is unlocking your potential. How do you "unlock your potential?" It starts with staying motivated even when you may not feel to do any work. Burning the midnight oil and producing great results is how you do this.

Successful individuals exhibit certain traits that contribute to their overall development. Trails like:

  1. Patience. Many truly successful individuals are patient in their development and process of promotion. Although they are eager to elevate themselves understanding that everything has a natural order and process to follow separates them from other developers who cannot maintain leadership.
  2. Building from the ground up. This is more of a mindset than practice. Understanding that everything is worth something and built to last has a strong foundation. This is a characteristic of a leader.
  3. Letting go of bitterness and people who aren't positive. There is a saying, Forgiveness is good for the soul. Resentment only dulls the heart and holds you back from your future and full potential. You cannot move forward with life if you are constantly looking back at all the persons who have done you wrong in the past. More so, surround yourself with people who have a positive effect on you and help to build yourself as an individual and a professional. Positive people are like mentors, who provide advice and motivations when you need and when you dont know you need it.
  4. Never stop learning and be optimistic about your future. Learning is the only way to move ahead in life. You are never too old or too young to learn. You must understand though, that knowledge and wisdom come by learning information and applying it to develop yourself and others around you. With knowledge and motivation you can always be optimistic about the future.
  5. Failing is a stepping stone to success. One common trait of successful people is that they use their failures as a lesson for success. Finding the motivation to get back up, learning what went wrong so you can fix it on the second try. After a failed attempt it feelings like the ground has shifted under you, and this ia quite normal. But that shouldn't keep you from reaching you potential by planting your feet and starting over.

If you are driven and always looking to do more you can add to the list above. May be you found new ways that has helped you get through tough times. Sharing your experiences and advice can helps others. This is another aspect of the acquiring your true potential. Passing on your knowledge to the younger generation.

Is this all I need to know about staying motivated?

By Patrick Rosenkranz on Unsplash

Absolutely not! The possibilities are endless and there are always new ways to motivate yourself and others. Everyone has their own experience to share, irresepective of gas, professional statue and socioeconomincal background. Simply because my experiences may no be the same as your experiences.

One piece of advice I would like to leave you with before concluding this article is this. It is wise to listen to the teaching and advice from ther older folks. There is a certain amount of wisedom that only comes with age. Now you do not have to use every piece of advice given to you. But listening to what they have to say might save you life.

With that said, there is more to staying motivated than what I have written in the article. Like we are individuals so are the experiences and challenges we encounger. A few tips on how to find motivation and stay motivated i have used myself are:

  1. Practicing the five concepts I listed above. Get a good night's rest, rise early in the morning to get in 30 minutes of exercise, eat a balanced breakfast, make daily goals and accomplish them and find a motivational piece to keep me going throughout the day.
  2. Reward yourself modestly. There is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself for hard work. This builds on your motivation to do more the next time around.
  3. Share your knowledge with other. The best feeling in the world is knowing you have helped one person achieve their goals, even if that person maybe a competitor.
  4. Say a prayer in your heart before you do anything. I should have mentioned this above, but this is as important as any other tool I listed. Seek the help from God first because it is he who provides for us and not we ourselves.
  5. Once you have a routine that works, make it a habit. This is another important point. Most times sticking to what works for you help you to be efficient.

Time activate your potential and stay motivated

You have access to all the tools necessary to find the motivation you need and stay motivated. I guarantee that following the five step concept will help you stay motivated and reach your full potential. The main thing is to never give up on your dreams inspite of failures and lack of motivation.

By insung yoon on Unsplash

Thank you for reading. Subscribe to get more artcles and leave you comments below. Remember sharing is how another to build your potential.


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