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Take Action On Your Dreams

by Erin Moody 12 months ago in success

What's Holding You Back?

Take Action On Your Dreams
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What is the thing you can't stop thinking about?

Whatever your current circumstances are, you can improve them, even during challenging times like we are in right now.

You are choosing to live your life the way it is currently. Every choice you make either keeps you in your comfort zone or moves you in a new direction.

Other People's Opinions

For me, this was a huge point that was holding me back. I grew up a people pleaser, seeking validation for everything I did.

I also had a comparison mindset and felt like people were judging me. I had to let go of that negative way of thinking. Most people don't care what you are doing or they are supportive.

When you do run into people who try and put you down for working on yourself and being ambitious, realize they are dealing with their own issues. It has less to do with you than you think.

Realize that you determine who is in your circle. If you are dealing with people who are negative towards you, there is no rule that says you have to continue spending time with them.

Unfortunately you will probably have to make some tough decisions when you take action on your goals. When you start making better use of your time, friends and family may not understand. This is particularly true of those who are not going after their goals.

Aristotle said "There is only one way to avoid criticism. Do nothing, say nothing and be nothing."

I lived my life this way for far too long, please don't make the same mistake.

Fear Of Failure

I grew up in the type of household that had high expectations but there wasn't much room for failure. Achievements were praised (or expected) and any missteps were cause for shame.

For me, this led to an avoidance of anything I felt I had a chance to not be excellent at. In work, in health, in motherhood, even in friendships - every aspect of my life.

My perfectionism and high aspirations led me to start researching uber successful people like Grant & Elena Cardone, John Lee Dumas, Rachel Hollis and Marie Forleo. What I learned shocked me. They all failed. In fact, they touted those failures to their now successes.

So I decided to start going after things that I had wanted to do for awhile, giving myself permission to not be amazing at them.

I started with yoga and loved it! Then I quit my job to run a career coaching business. That was a flop, so I went back to work in HR. While working I started a new venture and a podcast.

My new mindset is one focused on learning. There is no failure as long as I learn something and don't repeat it.

Playing The Victim

There will always be reasons not to take action on your dreams. I know, because I used them as excuses for years.

Once you take responsibility for your life you will begin to have this confidence that you haven't felt before. You have the power to change your life and turn it into something you love.

Any reason you can come up with now is an excuse you are using to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of leaving your comfort zone.

There is nothing holding you back from going after your goals. There have been plenty of people who made what you want happen. Some of them are in you same circumstances, some even worse. If they can do it, why can't you?

Start studying the people who have achieved what you want. You will gain insight into the steps they took. You can begin on the same path and learn from their experiences to do it faster.

Start taking action and your confidence will improve. The key is to start, then take small consistent action every day.

Erin Moody
Erin Moody
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