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Stop Wasting Your Time On Social Media with Memes .

Memes are great things to make you laugh -But at what cost ?

By Yahya jamaldinePublished 2 years ago 3 min read
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"There's no refund on wasted time ."

I've been an internet troll guy for like a 5 ~4 years and I guess you've been too for a long time, or maybe you still that kind of Girls/Boys sharing memes every minute following every memes page you could find on Facebook or Reddit or Twitter,9GaG or Instagram, trying to create memes the whole time so you could make people laugh, or maybe creating memes so you could abuse feminist or LGBTQ community or Chinese (in these coronavirus days), or minorities or maybe getting enough likes, followers for that useless page that you've created just to make other people who don't give a sh*t about you so let's see how these memes are affecting your life.

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#Time !!

Have you ever thought about that time? A time in front of that computer screen/iPad/smartphone where you wasting, creating, or sharing those memes? Waking up in the morning the first thing you do(in case of addiction) is checking those memes pages or scrolling through the news feed, hoping to find some new memes To react with those new Facebook emojis or sharing them in your profile, every day I see thousands of people doing something called sarcasm on social media in the same time I see few people getting a lot of money from the internet because they decided to put their effort and time in useful things what about you where do you put your effort ?.

Man, can you mind your business, can you just let us enjoy our selves for a moment with memes?

Yeah enjoy your self I'm not an enemy of joy but in which circumstances you are doing that, wasting that extremely valuable time sharing memes, instead of doing useful things or reading a book, I'm not literally blaming you for wasting your time with memes I'm just trying to give you a glance of what you are doing with your time during(coronavirus time) a time where you could create something for your self if you are someone who really dream about big things or you've got soo many dreams but you still stuck in social media and wasting your time in things that don't pay-you back, you should try with any kind of way to devote your time(in case you are a dreamer)just to work not just regular work but hard work, there's too much bandwidth on your hand.

Photo by Gabrielle Rocha Rios on :Unsplash

#Mental health

When it comes to mental health we should stand up for the greatest pills for depression and anxiety "social media " a place where we think of selves related to each other:( should I post this picture they are going to laugh at me, why everyone posting his picture on Instagram is happy but I'm not I must be miserable, why I don't get enough likes) Since we are talking about memes and the fact that the largest virtual place to share memes is social media.

Because when it comes to memes you see some memes laughing at you or addressing something related to you and you think it's funny it's not they killing you inside but you don't know that and some times when you are the one creating those memes it makes you feel depressed because you don't know why that meme didn't get enough "haha" emoji! why no one is sharing your meme and a lot of things that make you miserable.

#You Look like a clown

Photo by fabian wohlgemuth on :UnsplashIt's something good to make people laugh if it's going to pay you back or make some kids happier or if you are doing it for living and it pay millions like "Kevin hart" that's a great thing but when you are doing it for no reason at all it practically makes you look like a Clown in eyes of other people.

you are not a serious person any more people will never take you seriously they will never give you that level of respect as a human being because things that you share or create unfortunately reflect your personality, reflect who you are a "Clown" and that's because you spent a lot of time doing the clown job making all sort things in life a joke.


Taking everything as a joke or not a serious thing or maybe spending the whole f***ing day laughing at memes is really a dangerous thing I'm not saying be serious all the time be sad I'm just saying try to (if you do adore doing it)just to make memes time to time do not spend the whole day laughing at memes or making them up, do it wisely and know your worth.

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