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Self Care Comes First

by Katie McGuire 4 years ago in advice
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I want you to think, when is the last moment I took time to truly care for myself? It's time to unwind and nurture your mind and body. We should all practice self care and self love, and here are some easy ways to do it!

We are all busy in some ways, and it is hard to carve out well needed time for ourselves, I know. But to maintain a healthy mind, soul, and body we all have to self pamper sometimes! It doesn't have to be anything extravagant or expensive, but just enough to be a reminder that it's not selfish to treat yourself. Here are some easy ways to practice self love.

1. Set the environment!

To feel truly relaxed, find a safe space. Wash your sheets, clean up your room, and light a candle, really whatever makes you feel most comfortable and in a clear mindset. Stay away from all electronics, read a book or a magazine instead. It is far more relaxing than a bright screen, and powering off all electronics at least 30 minutes or more before bed can lead to a more restful slumber.

2. Try aromatherapy!

Lavender is my personal favorite relaxing smell. It is proven to induce sleep and relaxation and smells amazing too. Many people use and love oil diffusers. It mists out all of your favorite essential oil smells, including lavender. It's perfect if you want your whole house to have the aroma. Also try buying dried lavender sachets, they sell them everywhere. They are perfect to place under a pillow or even in drawers. Here is a link to top rated ones on amazon:

3. Try new relaxing activities!

There are many activities that help relax your mind and body, and one of my favorites is adult coloring books. They are very complicated coloring books as the name implies! The focus and repetitiveness is very calming. Another idea is watching ASMR. It's an odd phenomenon that has taken over YouTube, but also can makes people fall asleep or feel relaxed very quickly. Meditation and breathing exercises is something you can explore too. I personally use the 4-7-8 breathing before bed and in stressful situations. It quickly relieves tension and allows the body to relax.

4. Feed your body good food.

This one is harder, because you have to embed it into all parts of your day. It is so easy to get busy and grab fast food or a quick choice that isn't the best idea in the long run. Try packing lunch to school or work, it allows you to take your choice of fresh food that is nurturing to your body. In the morning, eggs and fruit is a healthy choice that will keep you feeling more energized throughout your day. Lunch is important too, try eating wheat bread instead of white, I made that one of my resolutions! Try looking on Pinterest for healthy recipes. Food is fuel and fuel is energy.

5. Don't be afraid to turn down plans.

Let's be honest, sometimes we want to stay inside curled up with a good book over going out. Guess what, it's ok to cancel plans as long as it isn't too often. Forcing yourself to partake in a social situation you don't want to be in sparks anxiety which is the total opposite of self care. If you find yourself anxious in every social setting or have frequent panic attacks, you may want to let your doctor know.

I hope you have enjoyed these ideas for self care and are inspired to try them yourself! Treating your mind and body correctly is a big step towards a healthier you, and is something we all struggle with sometimes. Don't be discouraged if you get off track, it is never too late to start treating yourself.

"If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit."

The perfect set up: tea, a journal, lavender, all the self care essentials.

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