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Routines to Start Your Day Off Right | Andrew Hutchings Long Beach

A balanced morning routine is the foundation of having a great day.

By Andrew Hutchings | Long Beach, CaliforniaPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Most people start their day by following a specific routine. They wake up to a simple alarm clock, get out of bed, get dressed, and grab whatever they can for breakfast before heading out the door. Many people don’t consider that there are better ways to start a day off, and with just a minor tweak and change in routine, a person can end up feeling a whole lot better from the get-go. Here are a few changes one can make to their morning routine to start the day off right.

Play Some Good Music

Listening to music in the morning is an ideal way to wake yourself up and feel energized and motivated for the day ahead. Here is an excellent playlist that is very helpful for any day a person might be about to face.

Get Creative

Getting the old creative juices flowing in the morning is a great way to wake up. Erin Greenawald wrote an inspiring piece on getting your day started right that covers three ideas. First off, listening to a good podcast while getting ready for the day can be helpful. Secondly, instead of getting on the phone, get out a pencil and piece of paper and create something. Last but not least, conduct any network meetings before doing anything else.

Get The Dishes Done

It may not sound like it, but doing the dishes in the morning can positively affect the rest of the day. While this might not be precisely what most people want to do after waking up, it can reduce anxiety and help people feel more inspired. They will also be done for the day, which means less worry about doing them later.

Get 10 Minutes of Exercise

There is research that backs this exercise tip-up. Exercising for just 10 minutes in the morning can help to improve a person’s mental processing. It doesn’t even have to be a heavy exercise routine. Something as simple as taking a walk or doing some yoga can go a long way.

Put Together A Specific Schedule

By creating a morning schedule that helps lay out the amount of time each task will take, a person can better understand how much time they need to get ready for their day. This can help save a lot of energy and reduce worry and stress.

About Andrew Hutchings, Long Beach

Andrew Hutchings of Long Beach, California is best known for being a successful real estate mogul over the course of his 40-year career. Andrew made a name for himself with his incredible home renovations, but hasn't focused his career in flipping real estate properties, it's just a hobby. Andrew's passion is being able to look at a property and make it shine with some good, hard work.

Andrew Hutchings of Long Beach, California is known to everyone who works with him as being an incredibly dedicated worker. He has his parents to thank for that, as they instilled an incredible work ethic in him. This led to Andrew working straight after high school. He found his calling in the real estate industry, where he spent almost a decade working with Century 21. While he was working, Andrew earned his undergraduate degree in Business Finance with a concentration in Real Estate from Long Beach State University. When he was 22, Andrew gained his broker's license, and four years later he opened his office.

When he isn't working, Andrew's main hobbies are traveling and spending time with his main love: his family. If you happen to find him in the few moments of downtime, you can find Andrew looking for a new wristwatch to collect.

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Andrew Hutchings | Long Beach, California

Andrew Hutchings Long Beach is a well-known real estate professional with forty years of experience in his field. Andrew Hutchings Long Beach is known for his astounding home renovations.

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