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Resolve To Do Good

by Leah N Cox about a year ago in advice

The Do-Gooders

Resolve To Do Good
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I pondered on this for quite some time, is doing a Good Deed something special? Shouldn’t your whole life be a Good Deed? Do we need a reason or an occasion to be Good?

Since we were small, we have been taught that helping others was a good thing and there are do-gooders all over the planet, those that sincerely spend their life in service to others. You know who they are and most of us think their weird. We’re part of the ME generation and helping others sits on the back burner next to donating to a charity, listed under the “How can this help me file”. Our priorities, since our youth have changed and doing a good deed has, for most become a way to feel better about ourselves. Today’s society does not reward kindness and now with COVID-19 we’re all just scared and good deeds, for the most part have gone right out the window.


By Tony Zhai on Unsplash

With the New Year we are all making resolution to become better; I’ll lose weight, I’ll eat less, I’ll exercise more, I’ll spend less, I’ll get a better job. These are great goals but how about for this year, mostly because of last year, we try and focus on helping others more and ourselves less. Start creating positive change in your life by bringing positive change to others. Don’t be a do-gooder because it is the Right thing to do, be a do-gooder because it is the thing to do. Make your New Year’s resolution to just Be Good!

Here are a few things that can start us on the path to Goodness, most of them we’ve heard before, let’s put them into *action this year:

Practice Random Acts of Kindness. Start with one a day.

Pay it Forward. Share your abundance.

Give Freely. Kindness costs nothing.

Accept Differences. We are all one.

Volunteer. Learn to appreciate those less fortunate.

Embrace Diversity. One person’s weirdness is another person’s uniqueness.

Love Unconditionally. There are no boundaries.

Think before you Speak. The spoken word is a powerful tool

Treat others as you would yourself. Spread the love.

*Remember to practice covid-19 safety measures.

Now that you have your list it’s time to put it into practice. This is not hard, you can be as grandiose or as benign as you want but remember, doing a Good Deed shouldn’t be something you do occasionally, this is the opportunity to make a lifestyle change. Make a plan to implement them into your daily routine. This will set you on a journey of manifesting positive change in your life through helping others. The more you do the better you will feel and the better you feel the more you will want to do. It becomes a perpetual cycle of positive change in yourself and others.

Spread the word, you are just one small cog in the huge wheel of life. Create your own list, let your imagination run wild, there are so many good things we can do that have a positive impact, so many things! We as human beings, working as individuals or in small groups can create the wave of positive change that covers the world!

Get your friends involved, start a club, create social media groups, start working as a unit to bring Good change to the world. One good deed a day from a group of 50 will touch another 50. This 50 can then pay it forward and become one good deed done by 100, and then another, and then another, this is an opportunity to create a cycle of Goodness, one that if we stick to it can help bring about a more positive, loving and caring world. It only takes one person to pick up the torch of Goodness and run with it.

You are the beginning, the torch bearer, what could be a better New Year’s resolution than to start the Do-Gooder Revolution!

Join my group on Facebook, The Do-Gooders. Find me on Facebook, Leah N. Cox or Three Sisters Reiki, let’s be friends, and start changing the world.


Leah N Cox

Hello, I’m Leah and I’m a chicken farmer in Cornville, Az. I have had quite a journey and acquired knowledge in a variety of things. I look forward to sharing them with you here. Please find me at Facebook, Three Sisters Reiki,

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