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Resolve to Be Better

by Beast Sai 3 months ago in advice

Resolve to Be Better

Resolve to Be Better
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Of course, you will be able to reduce, save, or quit smoking ... all special changes. But it would be a good idea to say a small increase within the next new year. Here are five suggestions for making decisions and goals for the coming year.

1) Learn more!

Yes ... it's that easy. Just learn more! A lot of research on people who are very successful shows that they are learning ... VERY. don't you believe me Review this article from Business Insider, or this one from the Huffington Post for evidence that learning can have immediate impact on overall success in life.

But who cares about success, right? OK, I agree, success, as defined individually, is important. Still, reading can be a wonderful aid to developing your mind, your vocabulary, and your comprehension. So take a book and get it.

This is actually one of my goals for next year - I decide to read at least two books every month. I also bought my first two books - Jeffrey Pfeffer's Leadership BS and Jickascript for Nick Morgan's youth.

2) Be very kind!

I believe how most people help. to put it bluntly, gentleness, at the very least, does not mean leaving a tip for the waiting staff at a local restaurant or someone who believes in your hair once a month. you don't have to give, but you do ... that makes you feel special! Good job!

Next year, give more. find the cause - be it any local or national benefit: a children's hospital, a homeless shelter, an animal rescue - it's up to you. study it, be interested in it, and spread the word about it! But don't stop being its advocate - be an example and give some of your time, your talent and your money. Not only will you feel better about yourself, but you will be making a big difference in a person's life!

3) Learn the ability to replace!

"You can avoid getting old, don't go to Yale. Don't be afraid you will fail; take action now and you will succeed!"

And ... that's why I'm not a poet. Bad rhymes aside, this is often a trustworthy decision for the new year. Find something you're interested in and get inside!

This is one of my goals for the coming year - my domain for almost all calls; however, I am now working for a software company, which has aroused my interest in language editing - and therefore, my second book of choice above. you are not old enough to discover something new. That being said, everyone learns at a special pace and in a number of ways - don’t let that stop you! Called Rob Schneider, "You can do it!"

4) Volunteer!

Therefore, this may be introduced in # 2 because, technically, volunteering can be a relative aid. BUT, volunteering refers to the normal part of your giving. Usually weekly, monthly, or quarterly - but stay connected. There are so many opportunities to give of your time and energy - there is no reason to want anyone.

If you think you are a member of humanity (although I don't want to exclude those who are not of the human race), it is important to help. After all, you would never know if you could be kind to someone. Pay attention, that's what they insist on. It's as simple as Google's search for "volunteer opportunities" - you'll be disappointed with the results. Now, don't ask questions - do that (steal the sentence)!

5) stand back from the fence!

Where would we be without our cell phones? I mean, seriously. Today's package technology is great! ... I enjoy my phone. However, it has helped us to be separated from our family and friends. In fact, I’ve seen two people sitting in the same room, using text messages as a habit of real conversations to cut short to avoid physical contact and, somehow, physical contact.

Sooo, next year, what about making the effort to, at least occasionally, skip the phone and spend some quality time with your family. Maybe you even used to touch an important eye with your mom, your partner, or something remarkable. Well, I know, that's a bad idea. On the other hand, you will love it!

Okay, so here’s my list of how to dedicate yourself mentally to the new year! Don’t wait until July to set a goal - roll the hay now.

No, really ... well done NOW!


Beast Sai

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Beast Sai
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