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Quotes about Dedication

by Narendran C 3 months ago in quotes
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Dedication will play a major role in your success

Quotes about Dedication
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The quotes about dedication might help you understand the power and value of dedication. Being a successful person throughout your life without dedication is a hard one. You will have stronger positive vibes around you when you fully commit yourself to the work you love. Many people will underestimate or undervalue your dedication and effort, never stop just because they criticized you. Unleash your full potential and show your value. Dedication is not something that comes in you your way you have to run behind it and hold on to it once it is in your reach. Sometimes being loyal to a company or a person is also considered as dedication which involves more love and passion. Dedication alone cannot take you to success, you have to put in some work to move towards the path of success. Making mistakes is a common thing but hard work can pull you out of mistakes you made. It will stand by your side and will serve as a helping hand for you. Parents dedicate their lives to make their children successful. You can find dedication in everyone but what everyone fails to put in is a lot of hard work which is mainly required to be a man of success.

You can achieve anything with dedication and hard work.

Sometimes luck can drive you to success but the fuel will be dedicated.

Being successful and popular in one field happens only when you are dedicated to it.

Use your hard work and dedication to reach your goals.

Dedication has the power to convert dreams into reality.

The dedication, the hard work, the energy spent will surely pay off.

Dedication is the time we work when nobody is watching.

Dedication and hard work are expensive than talent.

When you are dedicated to something you must have the heart of a line to face the struggles.

We can easily reach success with the help of dedication and a good attitude.

To improve yourself regularly you should have dedication.

Dedicate some time in your life to others, you can gain a lot of experience.

Dedication and hard work can help you reach success no matter how hard the path may be.

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You will get better day by day if you are dedicated to it.

To master any skill you will have to work hard with dedication.

You can gain confidence through constant work and dedication.

There is no shortcut to success, you can only get there through hard work and dedication.

You can be a winner once you believe in yourself and have a proper dedication towards your work.

The difference between a champion and a loser will always be dedication.

The most powerful duo in the world is dedication and hard work.

Dedication requires sacrifices like game time.

Work hard with dedication so that you do not need to introduce yourself.

No matter what happens never leave your dedication towards the work.

People get promoted for being dedicated at work.

Success is a combination of dedicated hard work sacrifice and failure.

The success without won't last long.

The dedication and patriotism of a military officer cannot be compared with anything.

A day is considered beautiful when your dedication and work is being appreciated.

Dedication alone cannot take you to success dedication along with passion and hard work is also needed.

A successful entrepreneur's life consists of failure, dedication, hard work, sacrifice.

Quality of work can be improved only through dedication.

People in public services should dedicate their jobs to people and the country.

Dedication to worlds peace is denoted by the world trade center.

An athlete can be successful when he is dedicated to his goal.

Most people who have achieved big are the ones who have dedicated themselves towards their goal.

People in politics should be dedicated to improving the nation.

A wife's dedication and care give everyone comfort in the family.

You can learn dedication from the sportsperson.

A film can be made only when the crew is dedicated.

My idol in life will be one who follows his dream with dedication.

An actor should be dedicated to his profession in order to become famous.

You can be the best in your profession if you work hard with dedication.

Dedication does not have any gender.

Teaching requires patience, discipline, dedication.

You can only lose weight and get fit through hard work and dedication.

Work with the people who are dedicated to working so that you can improve your skills too.

A writer needs patience and dedication in order to complete a book.

Some day in the future you will get the reward for your dedication.

Don’t let your dedication fade away.

Your dedication to the work should increase as time increases.

Dedicated people have the power to make the world a better place.

No one can get better at anything without dedication.

Set your goals higher dedication will help you reach that.

You can accomplish your dreams through dedication and hard work.

Anyone can be successful if they work hard with dedication.

You can even inspire people through your dedication.

Master the things that you love to do.

By Larisa Birta on Unsplash

Dedication has the power to increase the speed of your success.

Great things don't come by accident they are achieved only through dedication.

Worthiness should be decided by hard work and dedication.

Everybody needs to be appreciated for their dedication.

Your goal starts to move towards you at a faster pace if you work with dedication.

You cannot be great at something if you are not ready to dedicate your time and energy to it.

Dedication has the power to kick out laziness.

Dedication and hard work are the fundamental pillars of success.

In order to achieve excellence, you must avoid anything that stands in your way.

Stop choosing distractions over dedication when you are hit by a failure.

Dedication and courage are the fuels for a greater vision.

Dedication brings opportunities.

A wise man will always be dedicated to his work no matter what the distractions may be.

You may miss many chances if you lack dedication.

Try turning your problems into possibilities.

Be prepared any day your chances might come.

Whenever life pushes you down get up stronger with more dedication and hard work.

Achieving success may look hard but with dedication and hard work, it is a piece of cake.

A small success can lead to bigger ones if you work hard.

If success is a door then dedication is the key to it.

Opportunities will come and knock at the doors of people who are dedicated to their work.

Your dedication will be tested at some point of point. Be strong and prove that you are worthy.

Success will be within your reach once you start working with dedication.

Dream big, you can achieve them easily if you are dedicated.

If you fail you can understand and work with more dedication the next time.

You can create your own opportunities if you work hard.

Doing tough things with dedication is what differentiates winners from losers.

Anywhere any time you can start moving towards your goal.

Dedication will meet opportunities at some point in time.

Great people don’t complain of not having an opportunity, they create it.

If you are dedicated to working you will forget that there is a way to quit.

Work hard, sometimes you only get one chance only.

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Patriotism is achieved through dedication.

You can be determined only if you have hard work and dedication.

Never accept defeat if you have the ability to get up and work even harder than before.

Dedication can pave way for the change.

Success comes to people who work hard.

People get promoted only for their dedication and not for their looks.

Dedication plays a key role in achieving success.

Set your own goals and start moving on the path to achieving them.

Being lazy does not require dedication.

Dedication should also be a part of your work-life balance.

Dedicating yourself to the work may look hard but that alone will help you reach success.

The only key to the door of victory is dedication spices up with a lot of hard work.

Your commitment to your work will show how much you love the work.

Committing yourself to any job is not an easy task, once you did it you will not be able to move away from it.

The purpose of being dedicated to a job is to be the best in that specified field of work.

Commitment with passion can bring down dreams into reality.

Dedication helps you to move forward towards your goal even on a dangerous path.

You will be able to notice changes in yourself when you start being committed to the work you love to do.

You will be able to feed your hunger for success with passion and dedication.

No one in the world can drag you out of the path that leads to success if you have commitment and stubbornness as your partners.

Dreams are built because people think anything is achievable if you put your mind to it.

Sometimes you will need to sacrifices your bad habits to stay focused on your goals to achieve greater success in life and be a man of honor in the society we live in.

You will be ahead of millions of people the moment you think of committing your soul and body to achieve something in life.

Dedication can transform waste and an unusable person or a thing into a productive product or person.

Procrastination and excuses are the main enemies of hard work and dedication.

You cannot simply ignore the power of dedication, once you start feeling its power and benefits you will not be able to avoid them.

You can boost up the process of your victory by boosting up your skills.

Nothing in the world can match the power of dedication and hard work.

Everyone has their own way of approach problems, so don't try to change them with your words.

If you have the willpower to achieve success, no external disturbance can stop you from reaching the point where success waits for you with a bouquet in its hand.

Always try to put more effort and commitment into the job you love because that is the job you can do without hesitation.

Success will taste good only when you have given your best to achieve it otherwise you will not be able to feel the essence of success


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