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Positive Affirmations for People Who Use Social Media A Lot

by Rebekah Sian Crawley 3 years ago in social media
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A list of affirmations to help you take back control of how social media affects your mental health and well-being.

Don't get me wrong, I genuinely believe social media has in many ways been a great thing for mankind. People can share information at the touch of a button like never before, and keep in touch with family and friends in far away corners of the world. Family and friends that, without the availability of social media, they would have completely lost touch with many years ago.

However it’s no secret that when used unconsciously, excessive social media usage is putting a huge strain on both our relationships and our mental health. But there is something we can do about this. By choosing to use it in a more conscious way, we can reap the benefits of social media giants like Facebook and Instagram, whilst minimising the negative impact on our emotional health and relationships. Making them truly work for us, instead of against us.

So here are some affirmations I put together specifically for people who use social media a lot. Read over them morning, night, or whenever a negative thought crops up whilst you’re browsing. Stick them on a post-it note somewhere where you’ll see them when you need them the most, somewhere they feel relevant for you. I hope they help you to live more consciously, and feel better.

1. I am here, I am present.

Social media can make it hard for some people to live life in the moment. Because it’s become so intertwined with daily modern life, more and more people feel an increasing pressure to share everything they’re doing. From where they’re going, to what they’re buying and who they’re seeing. Reminding ourselves daily to slow down and enjoy the moment at hand, with no pressure to be anywhere but where you are right now can help to ease some of the pressure we place on ourselves.

2. Focus is a commitment I make to myself and my goals. I am worthy of the clarity I give to myself.

How many of us can resist the constant niggling urge to slyly check our never ending stream of notifications. “Social media has provided a means of instant, easy-access entertainment,” said Dr Bono. But giving in to constant distractions can make it difficult for us to focus when we actually need to. Give yourself the gift of being totally focused on just one thing, and over time try to extend the amount of time you can maintain this focus for. Allow yourself to shut off all distractions and maintain your focus. Think of your attention span as a muscle that needs to be worked.

3. I am beautiful as I am. The beauty of others does not take away from my beauty, but rather adds to the beauty of the collective world.

With editing apps so readily available and now so easy for everyone to use, people are definitely feeling the pressure to look picture perfect at all times. To have skin without blemishes, hair without a strand out of place, and makeup perfectly applied as though it was put on by a top makeup artist. These standards simply aren't representative of real life, yet people are constantly comparing what they see in pictures on social media to what they see in the mirror. The more we can remind ourselves that the beauty we perceive in others does not lessen our own beauty, but rather adds to the collective beauty of the world we live in, the more at peace and satisfied we will become. Remind yourself to compare yourself less, and love yourself more.

4. Everyone is on their own journey. Comparison is the thief of joy. I am grateful for my own experiences.

Everybody seems to celebrate their wins on social media these days. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but I would be lying if I said I hadn't felt that sinking feeling so many of us get when we scroll down and see everybody else’s highlights and achievements, and then compare them against our own. We need to remember that everybody is on their own journey in life. Just because someone else got married, graduated, got a new job, or a new house it doesn't mean that we are behind if we haven't done those things yet. I try and keep this message with me when I get those sinking feelings. Celebrate other people’s wins and find genuine happiness for them, without comparing your journey against theirs.

5. I am choosing to be kind to myself today.

According to an article in Huffpost “60% of people using social media reported that it has impacted their self-esteem in a negative way.” And I believe that this is largely due to the issues I discussed earlier, causing people to engage in negative self talk whilst scrolling. With the amount of time most people spend scrolling through their social media feeds, it’s not hard to understand why social media use would cause low self esteem if we're engaging in negative self talk the whole time we’re scrolling. Simply reminding yourself that you’re making a conscious choice to be kind to yourself today could help to reduce the amount of negative self talk you’re engaging in.

6. I am thankful for the love in my life. I am thankful for my caring partner.

Just like social media can cause us to engage in negative self talk about ourselves, it can also cause us to think negatively about our relationships. People don't often post about their challenges, their fights, or their struggles. Most people prefer to keep this part of their lives private. However people do tend to post about their date nights, weekends away together, and good memories they’ve shared together. But the fact is that every relationship has hard times. And if we’re looking at people’s highlights all the time, it can be easy to compare our hard times to other people’s good times, and wonder why our relationship isn't more like theirs. When we catch ourselves doing this we need to remember that what we’re seeing is just a highlight reel, and choose to spend time thinking about what we appreciate in our own relationship instead of looking at the parts we may desire from other people's. The smiling couple in the Instagram post probably have just as much to work through as we do, maybe even more. We don't know enough about other people’s relationships to compare ours to theirs, or to let these comparisons make us see our relationship as a glass half full.

7. I am more than the thoughts that happen to occur.

At the end of the day, no matter how many positive affirmations we recite, we’re all only human. Just because we’re trying to think better, it doesn't mean we should then get caught up in beating ourselves up every time we have an envious thought while looking through a friends holiday pics. Encourage yourself to step back and accept that some negative thoughts will slip through the net no matter what you do, but that doesn't mean they define who we are or what we believe.

8. There is nothing left that needs my attention right now. It’s time to rest and recharge.

Lastly, it’s well documented that social media usage has a negative effect on sleep quality. Fear of missing out means many people are staying on social media and checking notifications late into the night. But the blue light from our screens suppresses melatonin production, making it difficult for us to feel tired and fall asleep. Make a commitment to yourself to switch your device off one hour before trying to sleep and do something to wind down that doesn't involve any screens. Turn your phone onto silent and resist the temptation to check your notifications. Your sleep will thank you for it, and you really won't miss anything much.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. It really means a lot to me. I hope you found it helpful. To find out when I write new articles follow me on Instagram, I’ll also copy the link to my profile bellow. I’ll be posting on there every time I write something new, thank you in advance for your support!

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