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People in the trough, heal themselves 5 ways

In addition to self-transition, others can not help

By Haas TashPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Mr. Ji Xianlin once said, "On the road of life, everyone is a lonely traveler, and there are thousands of light scenes on earth, bittersweet, happy and sad, ups and downs, except for self-transition, others can not help.

Everyone will experience a low period, but only by themselves out of trouble, others can not help.

I summarized the five out of the valley, the best way to heal themselves, I hope to help to the valley period you.

1, reading.

There is a saying: "The purpose of reading is not to achieve much, but rather, when you are beaten back by life, in the mud, can give you an inner strength.

Reading is the best medicine to cure everything, in the book we can examine our own life through other people's stories, in the book we can get other people's experience to change ourselves, in the book we can get more inspiration to make your road ahead brighter.

A friend once said to me, she was lost, when the disappointment will remember to read a book, she said, reading a book can make their anxious heart more quiet, the mind will be more calm down, slowly immersed in the book, enjoy the joy of reading.

Just like Dong Qing said, "Reading can give people strength, it can make people happy."

Indeed, people in the trough will always be particularly anxious and helpless, through reading can make people more sensible and quiet, happy through the trough period.

2, exercise.

The movie "Chongqing Forest" has this sentence.

"Everyone has lost love, and every time I lost love, I will go running, because running can evaporate the water in your body, and let me not so easy to tears."

Running can cure the lost love, can cure the low period of yourself, and even cure all the things that are not as good.

This is because running allows the body to secrete endorphins and dopamine through non-stop movement.

The secretion of endorphins can reduce our perception of pain, while dopamine can make the brain more excited and excited thus increasing the sense of pleasure.

As New York University scientist Wendy Sozuki, said in her TED talk.

Exercise leads to better mood, higher energy, better memory, and better focus.

Exercise is the best medicine to heal the low period of you.

3, everything look away.

Mr. Ji Xianlin once said, "If you can't forget, then the pain will be fresh and vivid at all times, violently and cruelly tormenting you at all times, it is better to put down, indifferent, indifferent again, indifferent again."

Learn to let go, everything look open and light heart will also be more calm.

In life, we can't do everything smoothly, everything goes well, we will always encounter a lot of difficulties and setbacks, the road of life is originally twisted, sweet and sour.

If we encounter a bad thing to give up on themselves, be broken by the ordeal, then our life is the saddest.

Life is like this, there is bitterness and happiness, there is sadness and joy, but no matter what happens to you at this time, life must continue, remember that in life, in addition to life and death, the rest is trivial!

So learn to look away from everything, when you have inner peace life is no low point to speak of.

4, replay.

Writer Liu Run once said: you want to achieve any goal, you have to review.

We are in a low part of the reason for a large part of the status quo because of their own dissatisfaction, feel that they have achieved nothing, or because they live a failure.

If you want to change the status quo, you must do a review, a summary of your past. Only the review will grow, will make your goals more clear.

5, manage the emotions.

The weak are prone to anger like a tiger, the strong are calm like water. Really strong people are able to keep themselves calm at all times.

People in the trough we are prone to emotional volatility, the more the trough will have a variety of negative emotions, and negative emotional outbursts will only put us in a worse situation.

Writer Liu Na once said, "Emotions are a gun, when we pull the trigger of emotions, the muzzle is actually aimed at themselves". The emotional instability of people at low points only kills them.

If we can realize the importance of managing our emotions at low points, and turn them into motivation, all our problems will be solved.

We all know that bad emotions can bring us a lot of negative effects, if you adjust your emotions, then the heart will be peaceful and have hope for the future, but also to survive the darkest period of the trough to usher in the high light of the moment.

There is a famous inflection point theory in economics.

"The beginning of any upward trend must be extended from a point located at the lowest point."

A person grows by falling while climbing up.

So a low point is not necessarily a hell, it can be your way to heaven.


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