Overcome Fear

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Tips on getting rid of fears and getting stronger

Overcome Fear

Understanding What Fear Is

In this life, one of the most powerful emotions that can strongly affect our minds and bodies is fear. Fear can bring on very strong signals throughout our bodies when we are placed in emergency situations like the breakout of a fire or if we are being attacked. We can also experience fear when we are pressured to do something like going on a job interview, taking a test, or even going on a first date. If we think that something can go very wrong or if we imagine that something can be a threat to us, we can experience anxiety. Both fear and anxiety can last for just a short time and then pass. However, there are times when they last so much longer and we cannot get rid of these feelings. Soon they take over our lives and we have trouble eating, sleeping, concentrating, and going on with our lives. These feelings can paralyze us so that we cannot leave our homes and go to work or school. Soon it seems that our lives are controlled by fear and anxiety and we have no control over what we are doing as long as we try to avoid these feelings. In the long run they can affect our health.

Helping Ourselves

It is difficult to go on living if we always try to avoid situations that might scare us. What is important is to understand that fear and anxiety can take control over our everyday activities, and we have to learn how to manage these feelings so that we can do what is expected of us. One of the ways to help yourself is to expose yourself to your fears so that you can find an effective way to overcome anxiety. Bravely face an unknown situation and learn how to control it and soon you will see that your fears and anxieties were just imagined, and once again you gain control over your life.

Learn to Relax

Relaxation can greatly help to overcome fear and anxiety. You need to overcome both mental and physical feelings of fear. Begin by easing the tension from your shoulders and take a deep breath. Imagine eating your favorite foods like banana pudding cake and remember how delicious that is and how good you feel when eating it. Use your imagination and think of the one place that makes you feel relaxed and where you feel safe. Soon you will begin feeling great relief over all of your body and you’ll start feeling good again.


Another great way to relax your mind and body is to do exercise. Take up things like yoga, meditation, and massage. Learning these techniques will ease the tension from your body and give your mind the peace it needs to be able to relax.

Eat Healthy

You can help rid your mind and body of fear and anxiety by eating a healthy diet. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and decrease your sugar intake. Make yourself healthy soups like smoked turkey soup or Gyoza soup. Eating delicious and healthy foods will ease the tension from your body. Remember to avoid drinking too much coffee and tea since caffeine can increase anxiety levels. Try drinking herbal teas instead with no caffeine.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol or Drink in Moderation

People often turn to alcohol when they feel nervous thinking that a drink or two might relax them. However, this feeling will only last a short time and the after-effects of drinking will only make you feel more afraid or anxious.

Complementary Therapies

There are many complementary therapies and exercises that can help you deal with your fear or anxiety. Techniques like meditation, yoga and t’ai chi have helped many people deal with their anxiety. Take the time to learn about these techniques and find the one that will help you the most. Your mind and body will feel more relaxed and you’ll be able to lose those feelings of fear and anxiety.

Faith and Spirituality

People who are religious and have a great faith in their beliefs find that looking toward the Lord can help them cope with stress. They often attend church and find that connecting with others in their congregations can greatly help them deal with their fears and anxieties.

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