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One True Friend

A Perspective on Value

By The M.A.D. DadPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

We are bombarded moment to moment by the idea of value. From alarm clock sounding in the morning to start a day to turning off the bedroom light to return to rest, we seek to trade one type of good for another. We judge how much time we need to invest in hygiene. We calculate the best deal on gas. We look to moving to a new city or changing jobs to save or gain better opportunities.

Life is filled with comparisons. We can compare like and different substances. We can assign value and change value based on need or want. However, there are examples of less tangible goods that we cannot so easily find, buy, supplement or substitute for in life.

Often, this type of discussion might lead to topics like peace of mind, faith or happiness. Each of these topics are difficult to really appraise. Too often, each of these terms is situation and individual specific. It is really up to the person who is bartering his or her own version of these intangible objects.

Authors and poets have written volumes on the personal values of the individual to the minutia. Shelves in libraries and online digital media focus on cultivating or gaining these concepts. But, for I would like to focus on something that is similar but more tangible and general in importance.

As the title suggests, I am curious about the value of a role. In life, we are often self driven and self focused creatures. This is strongly suggested by texts on the aforementioned intangible and questionably invaluable topics like happiness or peace. When someone departs from self focus to concern for another individual or creature, that is atypical of this very personal world of existence.

Something as rare as a person or creature that focuses outside is made even more statistically rare if that creature seeks to support another being for no personal gain. If someone is truly altruistic toward another, the action questions or maybe even defies the self focused or even "selfish" mode of existence.

The idea of someone wanting your success or caring just for the sake of caring seems almost unfathomable based on the constant exchange of things. The reason it may be so unnerving is due to this role not allowing for it to be truly appraised or have a measurable exchange rate.

Consider, what is the value of one person's support in your life? How empowering is it to have a person's belief? How comforting is to know that one person places your welfare at or above his or her own wellness? How does a good friend impact your life let alone one whom you can trust without impunity?

If a friend is rare, then one who loves another at the same level as him or herself is even more unique. And, a relationship like that of altruism rarely begins or blossoms overnight. Trust takes investment and action. Time invests in making bonds of integrity. Patience fertilizes the ground that produces a strong root of confidence in the dependability of another soul.

All of the elements that are spent to produce a true friendship could be argued to have some value that can be calculated. But, one true friend simply has no equivalent. One person can shake the reality of another and help shape a brighter journey! Remember, that any of us can be cultivated to become a true friend!

I often try and spin a positive thought or story to encourage anyone that reads my posts. I hope that these statements bring all of readers peace and reflection. I wish and pray that (if you do not already have one) everyone finds a good friend to support them in life.

The M.A.D. Dad


About the Creator

The M.A.D. Dad

I call myself the M.A.D. Dad. M.A.D. stands for Martial Arts Direction. I want to help others battle the forces that threaten our peace with lessons that I have been blessed to discover through my experiences in both Martial Arts and Life.

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