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By Jim GavenPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

As many of us are already aware, small businesses took a big hit during the height of the pandemic in 2020. For Key of Awesome Music, the second half of March, and all of April, May, and June were less than optimal as far as revenue goes for Key of Awesome Music. However, we pushed through, kept ourselves relevant with Facebook Lives, doing pro-bono/volunteer sessions, and, in the meantime, created new relationships with various non-profit organizations, support coordinators, and virtual event companies like Busking Down the House and the Inclusion Festival.

In providing what we feel are fun, meaningful, and educational music sessions, we were put on another non-profit organization's radar, One Good Deed.

On January 20th, 2021, we were awarded what we deem to be a sizable check to help make up for some of the losses we incurred during the height of the pandemic from #OneGoodDeedNJ. With that, we wanted to take the time to formally thank them and provide a little more background on their mission in the event you might be interested. For them, it's simple. They see the need to support local businesses who are doing good work in the community, and have a grassroots approach at raising funds to do so. Their goal is to support as many small businesses as they can with all of the proceeds that come in. That's right--100% of any donations go right into support small businesses. How amazing is that? One of the key members of this organization goes way back with our Founder/CEO, Jim Gaven. It was as if the relationship was meant to be. After sending a proposal in to the email address below, we received a response less than 12 hours later saying that we were to be their first ever recipient. The response time was on-point, never-mind being overwhelmingly positive. It really caught us off guard in the best way. Kudos to them for being so organized, and diligent with following up.

With all this said, if this sounds like an organization you'd like to support so they can support small businesses of their choosing, here's how you can reach out to them to make a donation:

1. Email: [email protected] to nominate a small business in NJ to receive funds.

2. Find them on Facebook and send a message. Their facebook page is: or Facebook.

3. Go right to their GoFundMe page and make a donation. Their GoFundMe page is: or GoFundMe.

We couldn't be more proud and honored to have received support from them, and only hope to further their cause of giving back to the community to other local small businesses this year and many more years to come. In fact, we are on the lookout for other ways to collaborate and/or partner with them in an effort to bring more awareness to what they do as well as support small businesses as much as possible!

We are firm believers that when you have good intentions and do things for the right reasons, you are setting yourself up for success. Whether this success will be publicly recognized or not, 'doing the right thing' is exactly what we ought to be doing in all situations. Easier said than done, but very much worth it in the end, you will be able to rest your head easy at night knowing you've done your part in making the world a better place.

Let this be a reminder to support your favorite small business on Small Business Saturday this year on Saturday, November 27th.

Thank you for your generosity once again, and we hope you are able to continue to give to as many businesses as possible.

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