Novel Motivation

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How to Start and How to End

Novel Motivation

If you are a new writer hoping to make a career, there’s no doubt that the Romance genre is your best chance to make money with your novels. It’s relatively easy to self-publish your work these days, but sales are often poor, and it’s difficult to persuade bookstores to stock your novel. To achieve good sales, you really need to get your book published by a large, mainstream publisher—and they are so inundated with manuscripts, they won’t even look at anything sent direct to them by a writer. They will only deal with agents—and it’s very hard for a new, unpublished writer to find an agent. So effectively, the doors of most publishers are closed to most newbie writers.

Writing is an easy task. All it really takes is an idea. From there, the rest simply follows. Some people believe this. Others find it harder to write, whether it’s a film script, a play, a poem, or a novel. When you write prose, one of the most important things to consider is your characters. Creating believable characterization is a difficult thing to do. However, if you can accomplish this, and really get to know your characters, then half of the battle is won.

Create a history for your characters. Where do they come from? What relationships have defined their existence? Have they had numerous hardships over the course of their life? Did they have it easy as children? By answering these questions, whether they have any bearing over the course of your novel or film or not, you can write their story much easier. By answering these questions, you can put your characters in certain situations and ask yourself, "What would she do?" This is a highly efficient tool to writing. You characters will help you write your story, despite the fact that they are figments of your imagination.

One tip that I have for writing is to write. Write, write, write. In the beginning, do not concern yourself with grammar or spelling. Those are things to worry about during the editing and revision stages. (Besides, using almost any word processing software these days will make this task easier anyway.) The important part of writing is to get your ideas on paper. By stopping every ten minutes or so, you inhibit your ability to communicate your ideas. Although grammar and spelling are important, worry about them in later stages.

Having the inspiration to finish your story is another problem when it comes to writing. Inspiration comes from your desire to tell your story. If, you find that you no longer have that desire, then it is OK to stop writing. Perhaps that story was not the right one for you to tell. Do you have another idea? Are you more passionate about that idea than your original? Then move on. Only when someone has already paid you money to finish your writing are you truly obligated to finish it. If this is something you are doing in your spare time, then you have every right to abandon a project. Keep it on file. Maybe your passion will return. Maybe not. If worse comes to worse, you can sell what you have as a treatment to another writer.

Many people want to become writers, but few have any idea what it takes to do so. By educating yourself on the life of a writer, and studying the habits and techniques of a few of your favorite authors, will you ever really understand how do become a successful writer. No two people will tell you, "It has to be done this precise way." They can only give you advice and tell you how they do it. The path you choose to take is your own. What works for someone else may not work for you, and vice versa. The important thing to do is to keep on writing.

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