Never Give Up

by Beckster Kraft about a year ago in advice

Follow Your Dreams

Never Give Up

I am watching as slowly but surely people are getting more and more angry with their jobs, and it is all because they have given up on their lifelong dreams.

As a child, we go through the phase of wanting to be everything when we grow up, and we make believe that we are those things. It helps us discover our future through creativity. Then there are kids like me who from the age that we can speak we just know what we want to be. For me it was a Missionary Farmer. No one had ever heard of one before, but I was determined. Went to college for a year for Agricultural Business, and realized it didn't fit in with the plans, but I never gave up on my dreams. Now I work retail, and for the past 5 years or so I have been stuck in retail, going nowhere with my Missionary Farmer job, and still, no clue personally what that is supposed to mean. Every year I start a garden on my front porch in pots, because maybe growing is part of it, and every year my plants get horribly destroyed by weather or caterpillars, because I can't afford to buy a greenhouse, but I still never give up.

As an introvert working retail can seriously bog you down, but you have to fight through it, because you need to. Luckily there are options out there for you to discover. Other articles exist letting you know everything you need to know. I'm just here to let you know that you should keep pursuing your dreams. In order to travel the world for my missionary work I need money, and more money than a retail job will give me. So I write now. I write articles and I write novels. It is not hard for me to get paid for any of those writings, and after all this time I'll finally be able to pursue my dreams. At age 29 I still don't have a boyfriend for my Missionary Family, but I have the dream of one, and I refuse to give up. Many times in my past I wondered if I would ever make it, and now my dream is in sight.

There is hope out there for everyone, no matter your age or dream. We are all different, and shouldn't have to live like everyone else. Follow your dreams, don't let people talk you down. Be an artist, be a writer, be a conservationist, be a world traveler, be a stay at home mom if you want to be. Do not ever give up on what you want to be. I'm not there yet, but I have not given up.

The trick is to find a friend who can help you when you get down. Find a friend who knows your dreams and won't let you give up on them. Disregard the naysayers. If I let my friend know that I haven't written in a week or two she will let me know to keep writing no matter how much I feel against it. If I just don't feel like writing we will go hang out, she will cheer me up, and somehow I feel inspired again because she will have me talking about my ideas. It is fully worth it. You will find yourself more energetic, and somehow you will find yourself a happier person. Through the people I see who are sad and depressed because they have given up on their dreams, I find those few people who are following exactly what they have always wanted to do, and they are the most cheerful, most inspiring people to be around.

Never Ever Give Up.

Beckster Kraft
Beckster Kraft
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