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My never list

The things I never want to do

By Christina EpperlyPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
My never list
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I'm very open about my bucket list. I mean I have the whole thing published on my blog plus my blog has bucket list in the title! However, there is something that I'm not as open about and that is my never list. It's pretty simple it's just a list of some things I never want to do in life. Of course there are the obvious things that we hope to never experience in our life time. Such as life changing sickness and devastating losses and all the other tragedies that life can throw our way. However, this list isn't for those types of things. It's for specific things that I consider to be overrated; uninteresting or even scary the big reason why I mainly have kept this list to myself is because I don't want anyone to feel attacked. Some of my never items are other people's bucket list items! I'm sharing this list because I thought it would be interesting to write about another side of being a bucket lister. Please keep in mind that this is just my opinion and I'm not judging anyone. Also a never list is a good resource to have. If someone asks you to do something you are uncomfortable with, you can say nope, that's on my never list! I think that never lists are a fun thing to have in addition to a bucket list. If you have ever looked at someone’s bucket list and wondered why anyone would ever want to do one of the items listed or if you have ever felt like your idea of the perfect future is very different from most people’s idea of what life ideally looks like then you have started to create a never list without even knowing it! I think most people have lists like that in their heads but let me tell you that it feels much more real when you write you list down. It can be hard to share a list like this because there will probably be a lot of people who will not understand or even make fun of you. However I want to be more bold and open with my writing and I think sharing my never list is a good way to do that. Now, with all that said let's get into my official never list!

1. Play Cards against humanity

2. Go to Coachella

3. Vacation in Tahoe

4. See the Eifel tower

5. Visit the Great Wall of China

6. Base jump

7. See the Mona Lisa

8. Go to EDC

9. Go to a strip club

10. Ever have anything to do with this one celebrity that I can't stand!

11. Spend New Year’s in Times Square

12. Go on any kind of dating show

13. Spend thousands of dollars on a wedding

14. Get married in a white dress

15 have kids

16. Give up

17. Have a bachelorette party

18. Take engagement phots

19. Eat meat ever again

There you have it my never list. A list that's filled with things I think are inappropriate, dangerous, or boring. You can probably tell that my goals for life are different from most people’s goals and I’ve learned that it is ok to have different goals. Whatever your goals are, I would urge you to stay true to yourself and work to make your dreams come true. There are way more things on my bucket list then there are on my never list. There are many more things I want to accomplish then things I want to avoid. I can’t wait to have more bucket list adventures while staying true to myself. What are some things on your never list?


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Hello, there! I am a creative and fun loving blogger with a bucket list, big dreams and a love of writing. Some of my favorite things to write about include self care, blogging, and pets.

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