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Power of Mind and Tongue

Read this knowing I am not here to degrade any organized religion. I just feel inclined to provide a cliff note as I only know how to speak freely.

Everything is connected. View yourself as a plant. Your mind is the seed, forever the Ying to heart both supporting your growth. Your arms, mouth, ears, hands, feet, all of you creates one, the flower, forever growing with each day's trails and triumphs. Everything living is connected, did you know words were of the living as well? Think about it. This is why "watch what you say" and "be careful what you ask for" because words HAVE VALUE.

The past two years for me have been a testament to the proposed theory, because being completely transparent here, there were times that I could have been working harder for what it is I was asking for, yet I still received it. Not to sound naive, but hard work may not be the only thing that gets you places. Everything is connected. The world is a living organism as well, it hears you, sees you, receives you. So let the world know as much as possible that you are serious about what you desire. Consider the desires that once ruled your world yet seem trivial to you now. Time simply just passed or an event occurred and your desire grew smaller. For some reason, you stopped considering in the possibilities, playing with your imagination that drives the visions. As much as words are not magic, they are. The results are just not as instant as magical results. Once you stopped thinking it was possible you told yourself it wasn't worth wishing for, and probably working for. When you can't stop wishing for something you then use the rest of your body to find the path that will lead you towards it.

Do you see? :)

At times I do wish, excuse the narcissism, that people could see my life. Just so the words could hold more value. Before any doors opened for me, I spoke on it, I wrote it down multiple times. If there is a god and if they have a cell phone, I broke it with my repeated chants to become a signed model, to meet someone who wanted to show me the way, to be out of my guardians' house before the age of 23. These things happened all while being extremely depressed, so major lack of effort. I asked to meet someone who could light my fire, as an Aries this is key and I have. I wished myself away, a new angle to my career and I will soon have that. I showed the god(s), the universe how serious by always staying strong within my morals, desires, and remembering to think things through. The things I was confused about because it seemed no matter what effort I put in I couldn't win, the things that seemed so far for a girl like me are currently happening. The mind and tongue work together. What you think, what you envision in your mind can be a reality. Manifestation is speaking what you want onto your life. Let the universe receive you, and what is meant for you, desires and needs Will come to you.

Do not forget your effort. If you finish this and assume the message is "you wish and want and boom," think again. The mind and tongue are just the beginning. As long as you can take action, you should. It would be wonderful if a few repeated words could conjure up desires, but until then you must act on your beliefs and not just speak on them. I can almost guarantee you that when you are at your wit's end, when you have exuded your options, this is when your power of faith and manifestation comes around for good karma. You will think there is nothing more for you to do, you will probably be so close to giving up. Your good faith, your good karma will do you justice.

Believe it. Manifest it.

Ana J
Ana J
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