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L's of Life.

By Mike PeñaPublished 3 years ago 2 min read
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385 days ago was when worries and fears started keeping me from loved ones. 355 days ago was when an amazing friend's birthday would be the last celebration before everything changed.

In the days and months that followed, there was a lot of grief, sadness, and sorrow. Plans and goals shifted. Hopes and dreams changed. Hearts and minds ached. Countless lives - lived and yet to be lived - were suddenly lost forever.

At first, passing sirens echoed along quiet city streets until one day, they went completely silent. Vibrant corridors became so desolate the sounds of sirens weren't needed. No one wanted to hear another grim reminder anyway.

Everything changes though.

Unlike those thoughts that came to mind with the sound of ambulances criss-crossing town, one important reminder that really dark times can make very clear for us to see is the truth about people.

What is true is that there really are those who lift, and those who lean, to put it like Ella Wilcox.

It's the ones who lift that are our real stars. They shine bright enough to light the way through the darkest times.

It's just that sometimes, the ones that lean can block our stars from view, covering up that light. It's everyone's job to not let that happen.

Every time we lose a star, the world gets darker, and we give up ever knowing how much their light could have helped us see.

The good news is, the more we lift up those around us, the less likely we are to fall down under the weight of those who lean. That's because others will help to lift us up in return.

Sometimes having the help of others is the only way we're able to pick ourselves up when the weight of the world is too much. I really know.

The more we shine our brightest for others to see, the less likely we are to ever get lost if there comes a time when we can't see any way forward.

Sometimes having the light that we've shared with others to help lead our way if we flicker or fade is the only way to not get lost. I really know.

Thank you to the stars who lift for the light you share when it doesn't seem like any exists.

You will never stop being appreciated for putting all your lights on, just for me, because I'm afraid of everything... and lights show me I'm never alone.

With Love & Lifting Light,



About the Creator

Mike Peña

Author, editor, and former columnist. Art Institute of Chicago publications contributor. Consumer relations consultant.

MA New Arts Journalism, SAIC

BA Communications and Rhetoric, UIUC

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