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by Miranda Writes, Ltd (that's my pen name!) about a month ago in social media · updated about a month ago
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...checking the boss mans drawers

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He slipped into the office barely greeting those already in place, and after glancing around, slipped into the Boss’s chambers. There, he fondled around in his drawers seeking what he knew should bring him heightened results.

The boss returned and was warned by secretaries at the front desk, that he’d had a visitor stop through. Dion was early and was waiting to continue their agreed parlay. Boss stepped in through the chamber door and neither was seen again for nearly an hour.

Meanwhile, calls fell into the desks of anyone willing to perceive an honest day of acknowledgments. Inquiries of what the Boss deemed “appropriate” or where the office preferred range of contract sites was established. A response of “We draw the Texas Resort,” followed by, “...But any spot between the Meridian line and North Boundary line of White Lake Township… which interests you?” brought a rush of remedy… one of ten calls coming in at the same time. Saturday morning was usually a busy day…, potentials off from work and available to sit or tour properties, close on a file or two.

It was FATHER’S DAY and the office guest from the corporate office in Texas was out of his home district on the temporary assignment of covering an area previously assigned to his number one competitor. Having chosen this day to cover Region 1, he would make a killing. Father’s Day was a known “whatever dad wants” momentum. Wives would agree and in this part of the state, children with money would comply… “whatever dad wants.” It was the day to sell.

“The clubs are in my back man! Let’s head out!” sounded from the other end of the corridor and the door opened revealing the office guest, Boss, and a second Boss already in the hall meeting them as they exited from behind the office door. “The three of us are heading out to knock some balls around for the next few hours. If my wife calls, just say I’m busy and take a message.” They stepped out taking the guest with them, clutching a manila folder and smiling back over his shoulder.

Father’s Day golf tournaments and gifts of Resort tours nearby and at the coveted Luxe Lake Development in Texas were the cache of the day. For those left behind to work the floor, a true cash landing settled in for new inquiries from clientele residing in and out of America seeking larger or relocated homes, and business property for several out-of-state businessmen.

Father’s Day rolled in on the heels of a newfound friend to the new agent that extended from within the Boss’s drawers. Some five years later after the reduction of turmoil surrounding the upswing of an outbreak international war, he went out with the new agent who had refused repeatedly over the years gone by. She had refused for family causes, for relocation upsets, and because she was so determined "to settle her finances before mixing her affairs." They met at a restaurant midway between the office and a distant university campus. The new focus, a development in his name and by his design at a new location of 156 acres in Patagonia. As she poured her idea for the plan presented to him as assimilated by her for the space she'd found during a military tour, his face glowed from the image painted in his mind. He would have the support of the developer for the resort development as his "call on" and potential backing. It was FATHER'S DAY once again. Because it was, she asked "What would be your best gift for a father's day during this phase of your life?" After thinking so long and intently through the bulk of dinner, he responded, "I'm collecting elephants. I think I'd like another elephant to add to..." She cut him off with " that one" she pointed off to the side and above a door of the restaurant. 'That?!" he barked at her... only to get the response, "Well it is an elephant... an old one old style and extinct. Mastadon is an elephant... the first elephant!" He smiled wide and nodded to the maitre d, who came over to the table. She proffered a deal, "We'll give you a healthy tip if you throw that old elephant in on the ticket!" The maitre d looked up with a quizzical expression rationalizing loudly, "The mastodon?... he's not or sale" She pushed the sale, "Then make him a gift and we'll tip you heavily!"

They left without the elephant... but it was handed out to him... a man's gift between men. It was said that the maitre d enjoyed his guest tour of the Luxe Resort in Texas.

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