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Living the Dream is not another book about accumulating great material wealth and living a luxurious life by using knowledge of the fundamental law of attraction (simply put, you attract what you focus on). This book is written to awaken you to the fact that you’re dreaming now. Yes, you. Your life is a dream, an illusion in your mind, streaming across consciousness on autopilot without the power of individual direction from your point of observation. The pilot is asleep. Living the Dream is about finding your true being within the dream and deliberately, with knowledge and understanding, taking charge of and directing this mental process we call life. In formal education we were told early on that life is a dream. At that time we didn't have the faculties of consciousness to fully understand how true those words are. But, it's a new day! We're entering an age of great light and mass adoption of truth that has escaped us in times past.

They literally told us.

Life is a dream and I can prove it.

There is a book of Hermetic Philosophy called The Kybalion by Three Initiates. In this book, the first Hermetic principle is the principle of Mentalism. This principle says that “The All is Mind, the Universe is Mental.” This principle is called the Master Key. The Master Key because with a solid grip and understanding of this principle, you can master the universe from the position of seemingly being a person inside of it. There is no actual physical universe. The universe is mental and it is your own creation from self, which is your own being. In other words, self made the universe and self is the reason why it works the way that it does work, absolutely and completely. The universe is in the mind and it is entirely mental but through mental machinations, it appears to be external and separate from yourself. All the things in your consciousness and all the things that enter and leave your consciousness belong to you. The universe is mental and it’s your baby—that’s the real secret to the universe and the law of attraction. You’re presently kind of flipped upside down and inside out in your own mental activity, not to alarm you because you can’t really do any harm to yourself but you have yourself caged into a limited amount of your own mental activity by a mental barrier known as “physics.” It’s a dream of sort that the mind has created as a means of exercise and entertainment. It’s an interactive illusion that leads the mind into bouts of delusion in personage. Delusion because self forgets the reality of itself in the process and takes on complete faith in a character personage in its own mental illusion. The illusion is good, it’s healthy mind activity. The delusion, not so good, as the mind becomes frozen in a very limited illusory cycle of life and death within its own mental activity. The mind loses sight of its true ability and then the mental processes take over and begin to run the mind instead of the mind running them. This can lead the illusion to something like a train wreck. I guess the only advantage to the delusion is that the world seems more real when you’re deluded into character personage.

More than likely, you're suffering from the delusion that you're actually a person in the world right now, rather than the world and person being mental machinations inside of you, the intelligence. This is where my writing comes into play. I'm here to help you understand what you really are and how you can mentally take control of the process and have it deliver the life that you want to experience. I'm in a lot of places on the internet, Amazon, Patreon, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler. Find me. That's your assignment.

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