Life (Pt. 1)

by Ricardo Reyna 5 months ago in success

Always working in your favor, depends on how you think of her.

Life (Pt. 1)

Life is a baby, she doesn't know how beautiful she is, and you? Happen to be in the middle of her story. From the day you remember being able to communicate, to the moments you remember being able to run so fast, the wind couldn't catch you. She's that trip and fall we have before we can even know we tripped and fell, and she's that mountain peak we called a future before we knew what a REAL mountain peak was before we had a future. Yeah, she's incredible. She makes time be still like when that first kiss gets sketched out in your bedroom. Plan all thought up, got it all figured out, practiced in front of the mirror, but when the time comes. Silence, quietly, we think, is she feeling me or not? Because I'ma start thinking about what to tell my friends already sheesh. Then it happens.

You wake up. All of a sudden, the laughter you once had is now a flaw you have because the world around you is flawed. The world around you doesn't realize it is temporary. It's not a way to be rude when we come to understand where you are, but it is a rude awakening when life, wakes up. You are that life. YOU are that masterpiece. You are that entirely made flaw that life can't get enough of, I mean come on? Look around you, inside of yourself. There's usually always this voice trying to get you to be fearful, be afraid, be safe, don't do this because your future depends on it. (Echo)

Don't quit your job because you don't know if tomorrow is coming? Are you serious? If your 15 years old, how would you feel, let alone (know) I say "know" because it comes from your spirit. These words are the proof brother or sister. Our parents, if you're a millennial, had it 25 times tougher than us now and younger. They're parents either fought and died or lived, and they told the story. If you think about our nation back then, freshly formed during Vietnam or any war before our time, they HAD to sign up. To serve their country.

My question is, what does life mean to you, now that you have it made-man? I sometimes get this eerie feeling when I write, like the world around me doesn't want me to write, because I'll reveal insight that isn't yet known. Might I remind you, I a regular guy with professional dreams, visionary dreams, futuristic dreams, anticipated dreams, there's plenty of differences within each? Who wouldn't want life told? Whoever talks about her story? When do we wonder about her perception? Or his perception? It depends on how you want to look at life.

I once was the victim. I was the one that had no clue what "earth" really meant until most recently. That's a whole different story for an entirely different book. Life gets you down, but somehow, someway, even for the one that may leave this place from your last breathe, right now, you beat all of us by being truly present in such a place none of us understand fully yet. It's okay, though. Life is what? Forest Gump said it best! A box of chocolates. She could give you cherries one day, and dark chocolate the next. No matter the flavor, no matter the recipe, it's how you measure the ingredients to make the batch that makes anything tasty.

What life throws at you is a test. She does it so mysteriously and a lot of the times, randomly. That's why I believe thinking is a sort of an intentional meditation that's like making soup. You stir the soup when you think things through to find the meat, or vegetables, or juice. Whichever part of the soup is your favorite? If your aware of your thoughts or practice it (meditation), then your awareness acts like a grandpa. Taking action on your change of language within yourself will start to reveal divine insight, and you'll catch them with your spiritual eyes and ears. I learned through trial and error. Then it honestly starts to turn sort of into a game.

It might not be the best way to put it, but it's the best way to explain it. In any game, I'd rather fail to give up than give up and fail. It's what you do with that failure that determines what kind of mindset you have. Is yours a growth mindset? Or are you stagnant? It's for your greater good. If yours is a growth mindset, then you know that learning from your mistakes is another way of saying, "I don't believe in failure, failure is not an OPTION!"

Ricardo Reyna
Ricardo Reyna
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