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Let's Talk About Personal Branding

by Nora Huber 4 months ago in advice
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What is it?

Let's Talk About Personal Branding
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"If you were a literary character, how would you like to be?"

From the marketing course, we know that a branded product manages to communicate its usefulness, advantages, value so well that the market allows it to be sold at a higher price than competing products, to gain customer loyalty, to increase the company's value by far the level of assets held and to maintain its top position even during the economic recession.

It's the same in the labor market.

Competition based on diplomas, experience, salaries makes you a "commodity": dozens of other people have finished the same schools, have the same experience, and are satisfied with a lower salary. If you are a "commodity" you lose in the salary negotiation, you are put/put on the dismissal list easier and harder on the list of promotions, and your results are never seen as exceptional performances.

If you are a "brand", many of the problems disappear: "Branding does not mean that the target audience chooses you after comparison with the competitors, but that they see you as the only solution to their problem." (Rob Frankel).

What is the secret of the brand? I could list 1000 and even more: for each brand at least one. Attributes such as consistency, clarity, authenticity, superior qualities, distinct positioning, relevance, credibility, visibility characterize both a product brand and a service, corporate or personal brand.

But in this article I will focus on three basic rules: create, communicate and improve.

1. Create

Clarifying career goals is the first step to success. Do you want to be Number 1? Now you can be if you choose the right niche of expertise to work on. For example, if you design websites, a niche is their search engine optimization. 

For marketers, a niche would be direct marketing for IT products and services, and a direct niche would be direct mailing for CRM products in the medical field. The narrower the niche, the better your chances of becoming known as the best. Choose a positioning that differentiates you and ensures maximum visibility.

Next, analyze the key competencies for achieving the proposed goal and choose 3–5 attributes to focus on. If you were to introduce yourself, you need to highlight them and support them with evidence and examples.

Finally, complete the portrait with everything that includes the brand environment: the image you project outside, the space where you live or work, leisure activities (passions, volunteering), the circle of friends and acquaintances, professional organizations.

All the details must be in line with the brand identity: from the hairstyle to the magazines you read, to the car you bought, or the extra-professional relationships.

2. Communicate

The best way to make your brand known is to be proactive in building networks and establishing communication channels. You can contact the specialists whose articles, achievements, sites, ideas, organizations you like, and create relationships.

You can participate in interesting discussions on the Internet. You can publish articles, participate and initiate projects together with foundations and associations that you feel close to. The more you multiply the number of communication channels, the better known you become.

The audience you are interested in is complex and includes colleagues, superiors, subordinates, recruiters, potential clients or suppliers, mentors, potential disciples, friends with common hobbies, acquaintances, and strangers, and foreigners.

Define the categories of people you want to get in touch with and want to get to know you and establish strategies to reach them. Inside the organization, you can be known for the success achieved in difficult, new, unusual projects, while outside you gain popularity by cultivating a media presence (advertorials, press releases, interviews).

Communication is nonverbal or verbal, respectively through image and style (behavior, gestures, clothing, accessories, car, concerns) or ideas.

Credibility, authority, superiority are based on both the visual impression and the arguments. Depending on the talent you have for written or oral expression, you can choose to write articles, reviews, press releases, participate in interviews, panels, hold conferences, seminars, courses.

If you are not high in the hierarchy or do not work in consulting or training, you are probably smiling at the thought of applying these communication strategies. However, don't forget: there is an environment in which anyone can become someone: the Internet. What do I find on Google if I type your name?

3. Improve

You develop a personality based on a central idea and a few coughs of authenticity, you manage to communicate it to the public, but your environment or interest changes, your niche disappears or is invaded by competitors and you have to take it from the beginning.

The ability to remain relevant in all conditions is very important, so always be prepared for transformations!

Regularly read, write, discuss ideas, methods, cases in your field. Only then can you become the best.

If you read a specialized article a day and two books a month, in 3 years you will have read over 1000 articles and over 70 books and you will get to know almost everything about a certain field.

And if you achieve an important achievement such as writing a specialty book, making a computer application, or reaching an annual sales figure of $ 20 million, the goal of becoming Number 1 in your niche is achieved.

In conclusion, I just want to ask you: "If you were a literary character, how would you like to be?" Write the success story right now.


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