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Just your average girl

by Winter Cota 5 months ago in social media
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Have you ever seen someone look normal but isn't?...well here I am and I am here to tell you why

I am just your average girl with a dream just like everyone else, but let me tell you what makes my dream different from everyone else's. My dream is not only achievable but it is realistic and built on something solid and from someone confident and person is from me. However there is a flaw in my dream, that flaw is missing an audience to make it a reality. Without an audience how else am I supposed to be the voice other's need to speak and to be heard and how else am I supposed to be that light to help not only guide but show that they too can make their reality a goal. With this goal of mine that I have planned I want to share my stories of how I became me and how I overcame my mental health obstacles so that others can have someone to look at and think " Hey she did it...I can to" , I want to make a change for better and I know it will take a huge step and a long process to do but somewhere out there someone is struggling with themselves and I want them to know that I am too. We can struggle together and build ourselves up from scratch and make ourselves new again. I may be young but that is my inspiration to start helping those who feel they don't belong. Age doesn't matter when you don't feel like you belong especially when you feel you've reached the end of the line that where I would love to come in and help pick those one's up. I grew up in a family where I was told constantly " You speak too much", well now is my time to speak my mind and to let the light shine and help those who have been told they either speak too much or not enough. Next I want others who have been through traumas and situations to know that I too have been through them. For example growing up in a family where children would speak but were not heard or thought they were talking gibberish. If a child where to speak their mind it was considered talking back. Now that I have grown into a young woman I want to be an advocate for children who have no one to speak to because they have been told to stay quiet or that it is better for them to be seen and not heard. I was raised in a family where the disabled people were hidden from the world due to the families being ashamed of them being disabled. This is where I step in to be there along with those who want to help me create a safe place for everyone. I am not here for the money but I am here to take care of my husband and our three dogs. I will have to get creative and get things like teddy bears or candles so that I can help make my dreams become our dreams. This is what will make this average girl's dream different and achievable from everyone else's dream. I will need some help from my lovely readers but I promise it will be worth your time and your money. Unlike most people my prices and my words will make a huge difference in this world and not only that this can something that can be made bigger and better as time goes on. Thank You so much for taking time out of your day to read my story and I hope you have a great day.

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