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January 1st is the Worst Day to Start your New Year Resolutions

Take the slower approach for lasting results

By Elise L. BlakePublished 3 years ago 3 min read
January 1st is the Worst Day to Start your New Year Resolutions
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This happens to us every year.

The holidays start creeping up on us one after the other.

First, it’s almost Halloween and we’re complaining about seeing and hearing all those Christmas things when it isn't even November yet. We all start saying the same thing, “Wow, Christmas gets earlier every year.”

Then somehow Halloween has passed and in our post candy binging bliss, we start panicking about the holidays. This year especially with the added stress of stores having limited supplies and trying to convince Aunt Karen that a huge family dinner because “it might be grandpa’s last Thanksgiving” might just be the reason that it is his last Thanksgiving.

We possibly think of starting our Christmas shopping and keeping track of all the sales wondering if that huge TV is going to be on sale on Black Friday and if it’s really worth standing outside in the cold.

We eat a huge meal and in the following food coma days start our shopping and now it’s all we're thinking about. Two packages are going to the cousins in Nebraska, Christmas cards need to be sent out by last week, and “Can we use the pandemic as an excuse not to eat the neighbor's fruit cake?”

Then suddenly Christmas is upon us in all its hectic glory and you feel the following days are the first you’ve been able to sit down in weeks.

Six days later you’re getting ready to toast in the New Year with some champagne while getting the last of the Christmas tinsel out of the vacuum brush and the dreaded question is asked, “So what are your New Year’s resolutions this year?

And here is where it hits the fan.

Should we say lose weight? That’s been our goal since we graduated from college.

Should we try for a new job? A new house? Finally, start writing that book you’ve been thinking about?

Now, this is why most of us will fail our goals.

We didn’t plan!

Not to mention most of us wake up on New Year's day with a dreaded holiday hangover.

Who decided that the best time to start that 5 am early morning running routine is the day after you were up drinking till midnight and puking your guts out until 3 am?

If you’ve planned out exactly how you’re going to start your resolutions by all means go on forth through the fire, but if you’re like me…and you haven’t even thought about what you’re going to try to do…don’t give up! There’s still time.

Yes, the first of the year is the most popular day to start your goals, but it’s not a law anywhere that I know.

Spend some time while you’re cleaning up those empty post-New Years bottles into the recycling to really think out your goals.

Do you want to start a new workout program? Great! Take a few hours to think about what you want to work on most and find a program that works for you.

Want to get a new job? Start browsing the open positions or perfecting your resume.

The jumping in with both feet approach doesn’t work for everyone, it certainly doesn’t work for me. Take your goals one step at a time until you reach the end of the diving board where you can take that final leap.

Be realistic and be determined.

Plan out what you want to achieve in baby steps and it will be much more manageable than taking a sudden January 1 st plunge.

Best of luck!!

Happy New Year!



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Elise is a full-time writing coach and novelist. She is a recent college graduate from Southern New Hampshire University where she earned her BA in Creative Writing.

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