It's Time to Serve

Part One of a Series

It's Time to Serve

In life, we are always told that we need to grow up and make a difference in our world to make it a better place. And many people choose to "serve" our country and our world by joining the military. But what if there were other ways to serve?

This week, at my local Assembly of God church, our Pastor was giving us ideas on how there is something for EVERYONE, no matter what disability, time constraints, or financial burdens, to "SERVE" our church. But it made me think even at a much larger level: we need to fix our world!

I hate going online and reading anti-presidential garbage on Facebook and more anger being spewed out everywhere, but is there a way to help slow down and fix the vile things? I'd love to go find more ways to serve our world than deal with this cruel world of hate.

So, I started thinking how do I serve?

Well, I volunteer working with children. I volunteer helping animals in need. I step up and I have helped many people acquire jobs, apartments, and even food in their homes. I give rides to doctor's offices and supermarkets. I even helped another person get off drugs.

OK, so I serve in many ways. But how can I do more? Well, how can EVERYONE serve their community to START making the world a better place?

Well for one, help pick up street trash. Many towns have "litter bugs," but trash ruins our ecosystems, thus making life hard for the animals and earth and in return hurting us!

Don't shop, adopt! And also, trap, neuter, release! These two sayings I feel really strongly about. First of all, go walk around every shelter, rescue, or even a junkyard and see how many unwanted animals are there. Breeders allow this to happen, as well as people who only want a perfect animal. It's also made worse by people who get a pet and don't spay or neuter; there are so many benefits to getting your pet fixed, but that will be for another blog of mine (stay tuned for that one!). Adopt a family member, a friend. Trust me, they will be ultra thankful!

Volunteer at your homeless shelter, soup kitchen, or food pantry. There are many homeless people that do want to stay homeless due to a mental health reason, their past, or some other reason. But there are also people there that are hard on luck and just need a boost. Now, I'm not saying hand out money, but sometimes helping them clean up, get a hair cut, a resume, or even someone just to believe in them will help them become a productive person to our society.

This is just a short list of ways you can serve. Serving your community, our planet, the universe, is just everyone doing something small to start—sharing one smile to be passed on to another. If we all do a little something, we are all serving each other to make our homes a better place to be.

This is going to be the end of this blog for today.

Part two will be coming soon. But I ask all my readers, how do you SERVE your community? Your planet? Can you help more? Any ideas you want me to write about? Please let me know!

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