Interacting environmentally

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Reacting to organism behavior

Interacting environmentally
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Interacting with the environment has been difficult for people like me and thinking back in a natural sense, humans do feel pressure in social situations. Looking big and strong does come with a certain amount of humiliation with rejection. First it sets a target to reach, but how the individual reacts within the environment once achieved the higher status displays a safe higher chance of survival rate. Governments do their best to balance inequalities but like all of us sometimes face challenges.

The rule of thumb I like to live by is one I heard at a different time when I, was younger, much younger. Long before my earth time started ticking. "Which was do unto others as you would have them do unto you". I wanted someone to support my dream if not motivate with words in an order that seems like progress towards a better life. Finding the balance can be boring and having fun within the forests of Canada with pine tree scent walking or the feeling of the sun's rays on your skin requires no explanation. It is the experience and life options that we have an opportunity to explore. But people are violent and the world is based mainly on instinct. Massive corporations and food operations to supply species with a sense of safety.

Occupying space can make you feel like a burden but no more then the weight of a bowling ball. The thought of being unhealthy shouldn't be a barrier for thinking you're too big or too small. Just be sure to make efforts to be healthy, have good morals, and don't tear someone's status down just to try and make yourself feel better. Compete show them you're effort. The Effort, intelligence, and targeted movements sustained over a period of time is giving yourself a better chance of acquiring a more comfortable and free life, not just financially or supplying the hunt with resources but a free mind of knowing it is ultimately up to you to how you feel moving forward from this point on. You can I either repeat Oh darn, I have to go to work, or as I'd rather say "I get to go to work today". For so many people they feel the need to excel in a blueprint model of what a system should look like.

Even though yes, having nice things is wonderful it won't change the interaction of organisms too much. But making an income off of something that you love to do is a much better use of an organisms life. And, it doesn't have to happen overnight, that's the best part. The challenge is what will make you stronger once you get to the point of satisfaction and the motive to keep pursuing what you love to do. Traditionally I believe farming is a means of survival that releases security and feeling safe. But makes us a lot more susceptible to fall into lazy patterns and unsuccessful thoughts. Futuristically it is setting us up for a lot of healthcare issues like mental health from what we feel we need to do to feel secure and the lack of effort it takes to survive.

Overall accept the challenge, take it head on while being kind in hostile situations and don't be afraid to use reasonable force to protect yourself and those around you. Using force ranges on a richter scale, and changing the subject in stressful situations requires wit and charm, but consistent practice allows stressful situations for some to come and go much more fluently. Hiding in the shadows allows you to see the world from a better advantage point, get that sun out of my eyes, I can't see the playing field.

Marcus Azaria
Marcus Azaria
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