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Inspiration on camera

Paige Y

By Jess SPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
Inspiration on camera
Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Have you ever had anyone in your life which inspired you, just by being them?

Have you ever thought about having someone in your life you can turn to “for advise” without them knowing?

Well, I have!

Paige Y has been my inspiration. I followed her and her story for 3 years.

Who is Paige? Paige is a talented young woman who achieved her degree in Physical Natural Sciences this year in 2020, majored in Astrophysics.

She studied at the University of Cambridge for the past 3 years , and I followed her every step of the way, from when she moved in to Cambridge until the lock down period, when her final exams were happening. Weekly she has posted her VLOGS on You tube for the people to follow and subscribe.

Paige has incredibly 185 thousand subscribers on YouTube and 37.7 thousand followers on Instagram.

So here is what I LIKE about Paige, why I SHARE it here on Vocal Media and why I have SUBSCRIBED to her channel and would encourage people to do the same.


What do I like about Paige so much that it needs to be shared?

Paige is incredibly smart with a beautiful smile and heart.

She inspired me all the way with her enthusiasm for work and studying.

I like that she shared tips and tricks how to study, time management skills and how to stay motivated.

Sometimes it made me regret that I did not go to university, but then again, Paige is very sensible and kind of lets me know, in her own way, that studying at any age is no problem and that knowledge cannot get lost.

She showed me the way. She showed me that I am not too old to learn and when tough times come I should keep going!

What I also like, are the “Study with me” Videos. When I started my Paramedicine Course I just turned my phone off and open these videos on my laptop as I would sit in the library studying next to her. It helps a lot to focus.

Paige inspired me all the way and pulled me up when I was down.

I was always thinking, one day I will be as smart as her. I felt a bit pathetic but then I realised I just need to work as hard as her and I will be where I want to be in my own way.


Her videos are simple, not forced. Her Videos are easy going and nice to watch. I subscribed because I turned into a nerd because of her.

I also subscribed because I was rooting for Paige throughout all these years. And she has achieved such great results. I am so proud of her.

I subscribed because I started studying again, and that at my age. But there are no limits.

Paige is continuing her career as an actuary and she will keep posting weekly updates. It is not too late to subscribe to her channel. Or even to check out previous videos to see how she did it!


I share Paige’s story because I think more people should be inspired by her VLOG.

It is an absolute positive influence, trust me!

Her passion for her studies and her future is insatiable and I think the world should know about it!

If I could thank Paige in person, I would thank her for being such a nerd and still human and fun, all at the same time.

I would thank her for the “study with me” sessions in the library, because they kept me extremely focused! I would thank her for basically kicking my arse and get back to studying something special, Paramedicine.

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One day I will be myself again,

and this darkness might come to an end,

and all doubt will cease,

and all strength will rise.

One day my tainted memories will be left behind,

and I will be able to see the world through a clear lens.

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