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by #KristinaWrites about a month ago in advice
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We All Need Help With It

Everyone at one time or another is at a loss for inspiration. It is nothing personal, it happens to everyone. There are several ways to re-center your level of inspiration and allow it to grow again. Personally, inspiration is found for me in my environment. People watching is a trait that has completely made me a huge fan! And from that, the inspiration flows. For others that need a little bit more help, here are a few ideas that may very well help!

• Environment: Changing up your environment is a huge point to ensure that you remain inspired. A fresh environment can show you how to process new events in a new light. This could be anything from changing the library you visit to getting back to nature and allowing yourself to refocus. By doing this it will allow you to not only flourish in a new environment, but it will also allow you to learn something new, something you may never have learned otherwise.

• Vision Boards: A vision board can be so versatile but so extremely helpful all at the same time. Not only can they be physical, but they can also be electronic; whichever is easier for you. However, either one you choose you can assist with manifesting your own goals right in front of yourself. There are no rules to a vision board because it is yours. It is where you will focus on your goals and your result that you wish to acquire. You can make a vision board with a collection of pictures, sayings, or even small objects that inspire your creative side.

• Notebooks: Inspiration can pop up at any time, usually when you least expect it. Because of this you always want to have a pen and a notebook with you. Females generally carry this in their purses without issue. It allows us to write down what inspired us, or someone else, at any given moment. This will keep the inspiration moment in the forefront of our minds for future use. Let’s face it; we already have a lot to remember, don’t add another item to the list. Write it down.

• Research: This is huge when inspiration is concerned. If you ever find yourself lacking inspiration dive into your craft and learn more. You can research the history and origination of your craft along with what others do in your field to keep upbeat and inspired. Sometimes when you dive into researching something you never know what you mind uncover. Origination and progression are both stimulating and especially inspiring!

While these are all some great ideas and, in all honesty, I hope they help someone get back on track. I have a few things I do specifically to continue to be inspired. I am a lover of music, all music. Sometimes I will switch up the type of music I listen to, to possibly pull in some new ideas. Jazz music is very inspiring because I make up the words to the music being played.

Lastly, and quite arguably, the most important; is meditation. I am a firm believer in meditation as it will assist you to center your thoughts and mind all at the same time. Just take the time to focus on yourself, your breathing, and sit still. Just be still for a minute, even a minute will help. We do not realize just how busy our lives get until we have zero time left for ourselves. Meditation helps you calm yourself, but it also allows your brain to take a breather and relax, even for a moment.

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I am a mom, wife, and believer! I love life and everyone in it! After earning a BS in CJS I realized what I really wanted to do with my life; Write! So, I'm an APA writer, content writer & blogger based in Texas and I write about...Life!

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