I Don't Want to Work. What Do I Do? Am I Crazy?

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You're not. Maybe not wanting to work is much more normal than people think.

I Don't Want to Work. What Do I Do? Am I Crazy?

The problem is that if you say you don't want to work, you will be labeled as lazy. That's how the society we live in today works.

You may also feel bad about thinking this way. It happened to me!

We have received an education deeply rooted in work and sacrifice.

And now, you are coming into conflict because we are living through an important change of era.

We are changing from the industrial age to the digital age. And, this changes the outside and the inside of people.

I don't want to work—What can I do?

I remember that, since I was a child, I always asked myself the same question... Why do we have to work? Why work? I don't want to work...

I envied my grandmother because she always stayed home doing her chores while I had to go to school. I wanted to be like my grandmother...

The truth is, I never liked anyone telling me what to do. Maybe it's the same for you, too. In every job, I felt bad.

Inside me, there was always a voice that said, "I don't want to be like this all my life. When will this end? "

I've always thought that life was more than work, but I never stopped.

The main reason we work is for money. If you think about it, it's sad to have to move only because of this.

But of course, you have to eat, pay bills, and maintain this life of consumption, bla bla bla...

Don't you think there's another way to do things?

Deep down, you know that if you don't do something, it's what you'll end up doing all your life, working and working.

"If you keep doing the same thing, don't expect different results."—Albert Einstein

I'd like to propose something to you. I want to sow a seed of change in your present, to allow a change in your future.

For a moment, stop thinking about money. Can you try? This is usually the main reason why people are paralyzed, and never act or decide anything.

Put aside all the excuses and limitations your mind may be continually creating.

I know I'm not saying anything new, but by reflecting on it, you can make it more conscious.

Sometimes we pursue something that we think we should achieve, without realizing what is most important...

Other times, we keep doing the same thing because other people just do it or because it's what you've learned to do.

For many years I "chased that carrot" that never came. I even thought that if I worked more hours every day, I would have a better chance of getting it.

Now I know that working on something you don't like will never bring about that day...

Three questions that will make you reflect on your work:

In order for your future to change, you will need to answer these three questions honestly.

In most cases, we are deceived into not feeling so bad and not facing our reality. You have to be brave. 😉

1. You don't want to work, or you don't like your job?

Perhaps in this question you will find the key to your discouragement.

When we say that we don't really like working, it's because we're not satisfied with what we do. As this phrase says, I love it: "Choose a job you like and you won't work all your life. "

You may have to think about this, and start looking for your true vocation.

What an easy thing to say, right? I know what's on your mind... It's precisely that voice that always makes you keep looking for the carrot.

2. What would you be willing to do without receiving money in return?

That's what you're passionate about. You wouldn't mind getting up very early in the morning to just do it.

Painting? Composing music? Sports? Writing? Reading? Teaching? Cooking?

Look, you'll surely find it because it's already inside you.

3. What would you be willing to do to turn your passion into a profession?

The correct answer would be: WHAT IT IS. I'm not going to tell you to give up everything to dedicate yourself to what you really like. But if you have a "Plan B," you can run this plan based on your passion.

Best of all, you'll have an incentive to continue with your current job (if you have one) until you can quit and do what you really like, forever.

How do you live from your passion?

Living on what you love sounds great, but it's another thing to put it into practice. I know it.

But, you may have a lot of beliefs that don't allow you to think it's possible.

When you identify your passion, whatever it is, you have to learn how to generate income with it.

And yes, this is possible in the digital age. This kind of income in the digital age is called "passive income."

The internet is opening doors for many people to create their own jobs and develop their own projects.

For this, it is necessary to identify your passion and put it at the service of others.

How? All the answers will come in due time once you realize it.

My intention with this article was to plant that seed inside you. I hope I got it. 🙂

At least I've tried…

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