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By Charlene EllisonPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

So many people will enter your life leaving an everlasting impression

I admire individuals for the good, bad and ugly in which teaches valuable life lessons

When people smile in someone’s face yet tarnish their name behind their back is pure wicked deception

However, it can be their short comings and the power they see in you of their past rejection

I admire individuals who speak highly of you it exhibits volume in their belief in your character by perception

Growth is not fighting with your hands yet applying emotional intelligence to allow your mind to be at rest

I admire the highs and lows life it brings forth challenges and rewards relieving being stressed

They say the weak get eaten yet only the strong will thrive to survive

I admire individuals who never allowed others to dictate their lives refusing to be denied

Life is a journey yet not everyone gets to enjoy the phase of growing older

I admire individuals who lack wisdom yet seek the answers is in the eye of the beholder

No one wants to feel as though their life is meaningless due to struggles

I admire the individuals who inspire others with positivity instead of reminding them of their troubles

The Coronavirus has brought forth major changes in so many people lives that will change them forever

I admire the tears, fears, and determination that using precaution we can get through this together

A crisis is something that comes and turns a world upside down

It changes laughter within people targeting their spirits into a frown

I admire people for unspoken words of despair and find inspiration for being around

Time is what so many people are concerned with, because it is something that they cannot get back

Yet so many individuals waste day to day with no ambitions or goals due to the motivation they lack

I admire individuals who give people chances with a no judgement zone to get their lives back on track

When the clouds are around, and the present is not what is feasible to you

Make a list of where you are, where you want to be, and how to pursue

I admire individuals that gets knocked down and come back like brand new

They say old habits will not open new doors yet what works for one may not work for another

So, if the shoe fits then wear it because many live-in glass houses yet are undercover

I admire individuals who make their own decisions to prosper for a self-rediscover

Some people say do not speak your mind because of what others may think

Although, they are the same individuals drilling holes when you turn your head for your boat to sink

Never been a hater yet every handshake is not just as well as when listening with your ears start to use the eyes for the wink

I admire people who can see hidden agendas in individuals to use discernment before they link

Inspiration comes from people, places, and things that only that person knows why they choose a path

When others may look and wonder what a hideous idea or plan such as a wrath

I admire individuals who hold their head up high achieving their goals doing numbers so do the math

Life is a journey in which every experience will not be the same yet sharing their stories can inspire

Not everyone has blossom flowers or peace within yet tell a story coming through the fire

Theses individuals are the ones I consider to be brave …these are the people I do admire


About the Creator

Charlene Ellison

I am a graduate student in general psychology. I love to express emotions through creative writing leaving individual's with a positive thought out of a bad situation!

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    Charlene EllisonWritten by Charlene Ellison

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