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How to Work Smartly But Not Hardly

Smart ways to be smart

By Mehedi Hasan ShawonPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
How to Work Smartly But Not Hardly
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The phrase work smarter now not harder ought to have a special meaning for each person. After getting to know this word, I discovered the term originated in the Thirties by using Allen F. Morgenstern. As a business engineer, he created a piece of simplification software to grow productivity with the usage of many attempts.

There are differing reviews on this idea, a few agree, even as others don't. These reviews come from the angle of all of us. My attitude, or opinion, leans the manner of agreement with the phrase, paintings smarter now not tougher. Allow me to provide an explanation for.

In addition, I wrote an article titled 'Why I Say Professional Organizers Are Lazy'. The gist of this article speaks to the time period paintings smarter now not harder. In the object, I provide an explanation for why I say that. In a nutshell, expert organizers locate methods to finish tasks with the least amount of attempt.

Everyone has their methods of doing matters, and as I've stated inside the beyond, what works for one won't work for another. Finding methods to paint smarter is no longer more difficult based totally on your specific lifestyle requires a few inner investigations.

Think approximately the approaches that you paint on projects and responsibilities, both professionally and in my opinion. Then look at the listing below to see if any of those approaches will be just right for you. Including approaches to work smarter now, not more difficult, will let you get matters carried out without problems and consequently lessen your pressure within the manner.

Get Organized

Naturally, this manner might be first on the list! When all of your things are organized, you may find what you want quickly. You don't waste time looking for required items to work on a task or assignment. Your areas are clear and there may be no muddle to distract you from questioning without a doubt.

Brain Dump

You in all likelihood have loads of things swirling around on your head. Do a brain dump by getting them from your head and onto a chunk of paper, or if you're electronically inclined, on your computer or telephone. Knowing what you need to do is step one.

To-do List

Now which you apprehend what you need to get finished, the ones obligations are on a to-do listing. You can also have multiple listings. I recognise that many will let you know not to do this however every so often it is essential. For example, you can have one list for paintings and some other list for home. That's OK, it's less puzzling that way. At this point, you need to prioritize the responsibilities on your listing(s).


Using tactics is a fantastic way to work smarter no longer tougher. I am a large fan of the usage of procedures for repetitive duties. Whether it's paintings-associated or non-public, every person has repetitive duties of a few types.

When you position a technique together by list the stairs, and relating to the procedure each time you carry out the challenge, it turns into a routine or a dependency and also you get things carried out quicker.

But don't end up complacent and prevent referring to these processes, or you are taking the hazard of forgetting a step. It may not appear to be a huge deal, but it may cost time and/or money, and within the professional realm may be adverse for your profession.

By ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

Eliminate Steps

This is a good way to streamline tactics. As you work a system and the scenario adjustments, tweak the technique to conform to the alternative. This may also arise in the way of casting off a step or steps in the system. By removing a step, the result is possible to save time. Be mindful even though, not to sacrifice excellence on your quest to streamline a system.

Schedule Everything

This factor is probably the only way to paint smarter now, not tougher. When you schedule all obligations, tasks, and appointments, there may be no doubt approximately while and what you ought to be doing at any given time.

Use your prioritized to-do listing to time table all duties and appointments, either in a paper planner or an electronic tool. Check your paper planner regularly, or set up audible indicators on your digital tool to stay on agenda.

Factor in additional time for journey, or surprising matters that can pop up. Downtime also needs to be factored into your busy time table. Downtime is not wasted time, it is a time to regroup, loosen up and refresh to obtain an effective work smarter not tougher method.


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