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How to Turn "Thinking" into "Doing" (2)

by Palurovic about a month ago in quotes
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How to Turn "Thinking" into "Doing" (2)

Vision and Plan

The dreamer is the savior of the world. The visible world is supported by the invisible, so that everyone, through his own suffering, sin, hard labor, but in the dream of independence and beautiful vision of the future will be fed, supplemented and comforted. Man should never forget his dreams. He should never let his ideals fade or die. The dream sustains us, and we live in the dream. Humans know that dreams come true the moment they finally see and touch them.

Composers, sculptors, painters, poets, seers, saints, and wise men are the founders of the afterlife, the architects of the heavens. The world is beautiful because they have lived there; Without them, we'd be miserable. Those who cherish the beautiful imagination in their hearts, and have an understanding of the noble, will one day achieve all this. Columbus imagined another world, so he discovered the new world. Copernicus imagined that our world and the universe were multilayered and larger, and he discovered the laws of the universe. Buddha imagines the immaculate world of the mind full of beauty and peace, so he finally melts into that world.

Cherish your imagination, cherish your ideal; Cherish the music that tugs at your heartstrings, builds the beauty of your mind, and brings you the loveliness of pure thought. Because outside of them, you can see all kinds of delightful environments, heavenly atmospheres. Because of them, and because you treat them with sincerity, you will achieve something in your own world.

Desire to gain, desire to gain. But does this mean that people should be satisfied to the maximum, no matter how shameful their desires? Is his purest desire to suffer from the "lack of circumstances" and conditions? "Take and get" is not the law, not everything will be given.

Dream noble dreams, and as you dream, you become noble. Your vision promises future accomplishments. Your vision foretells hope that will unfold.

The greatest achievements from the beginning, always a dream for a while. The acorn sleeps in the hazel shell; The bird waits in its shell; At the height of the ideal, the angel wakes up slowly. Therefore, dreams are the seeds and seedlings of reality. Your surroundings may not be as satisfying, but they won't stay that way. As long as you see the ideal, hard to pursue, you put in the effort is impossible not to be rewarded. A young man, burdened by poverty and hard work, spent hours at a time in a poor workshop. He didn't go to school, and he didn't have any skills or taste or culture. But he dreamed of better things: he dreamed of knowledge, he dreamed of splendor, he dreamed of elegance and beauty. So he created an ideal atmosphere and environment in his mind, imagining himself with greater choices and more things. And this agitation impels him to action, to effort. He used all his spare time, all his resources. No matter how hard the conditions were, he tried his best to develop his potential. Soon his mind had changed, so that the narrow, dirty workshop could not hold his lofty ideals, and everything around him was so alien to his ideals. Life is like a piece of clothing he wants to throw aside. As the opportunity came, he seized the opportunity that suited him, further expanding his power, forever beyond the previous limitations.

After many years, the young man has matured, he is the master of the power in his mind, he is ready to shock the world, influence the whole world, gained unprecedented power. Holding the string of great responsibility in his hand, he issued orders and made speeches. See how many lives have changed because of this. Men and women have taken his principles as their beliefs and completely changed their personalities. He is as high and bright as the sun, hanging in the middle of the world, surrounded by countless fates and ideals. He realized his boyhood imagination and became the man he wanted to be.

So young readers, you also want to live out your own imagination (of course not fantasy). It doesn't matter if it's vulgar or beautiful or both. But the important thing is that you yourself gravitate -- perhaps secretly -- toward your favorite and sincerest ideals. In your own hands you will hold the concrete results of your own thoughts, and you will get what you deserve, no more, no less. No matter what the circumstances are, you may still fail, but hold on to your ideas. It is better to sublimate with your ideal, then you will find, gradually, their desire is less and less, and more and more passion. As Stanton Kercohan Davis puts it, it's inspiring and thought-provoking:

You may be a bookkeeper who is about to walk out the door that has blocked your dreams for years, and to be in front of an audience, gushing and surging with your passion... Look, there's a pen in his ear and ink all over his hands. At this very moment, you may be driving your sheep around the city, looking like a hillbilly, with your mouth wide open and curious about everything. Under the guidance of that indomitable spirit, you walked into the master's workshop. After a while, the master said, "I have nothing more to tell you!" So now you have become a master, fulfilling the dream of herding sheep. You'll pick up a saw, you'll pick up a plane, and you'll start reshaping the world.

No thought and ignorance, slack indulgence, will only see the surface effect of things, but not the essence of things. So, their favorite words are "luck, blessing, opportunity"; When they see someone getting rich, they say, "How can he be so lucky!" ; When they see the increase in the mind of others, they say, "How can he be so smooth!" ; When they see the influence of the holy man on others, they say, "How can chance always help him!" But they just don't see people in order to gain knowledge, brave in the face of suffering and failure, still don't give up fighting. They just don't know the sacrifices that people make; But not aware of people's indomitable efforts and persistence; But I don't see people's strong faith. It is these forces that enable people to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and thus achieve the desired goals in their hearts. Those who do not know the taste of darkness and pain, only see light and joy, and call it "luck"; They do not see the long arduous journey, only see the happy and happy results, so they call it "good luck"; They don't understand the importance of the process, only see the result, so call it "opportunity".

In all human undertakings, only efforts, will have results. The measure of results is the power of effort, not "chance". "Gifts", strength, material conditions, wisdom and spiritual wealth, are the result of effort, are the finished thought, the accomplished goal and the realized ideal.

The vision in the glorious mind, the ideal in the glorious heart, the ideal in the manifestation, the coronation of your heart -- these are the tools by which you build your life.

Dreams: They determine your future success.


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