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How to Live on When the Future Is Foggy

by Keith Clifford 6 days ago in advice

3 Simple Things You Can Do

How to Live on When the Future Is Foggy
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During the pandemic, the mood of the people went through several stages - they were from the most diverse feelings, which in certain periods came to the fore.

At present, the picture looks like this: people are tired, irritable, and sometimes angry at the top. Largely because it is impossible to have a normal way of life, it has lost control and external factors are stronger than internal forces.

People want to have freedom and to speed up their lives to the rhythm of the past. How can we adapt to the new conditions when it is not known when we will be able to enjoy absolute freedom? Let's try to shed more light on this aspect of life.

Learn to be content with small things

Many are irritated by this advice, but it is the key to happiness in any dark time.

It is very easy to be delighted when you are bathed by the splashes of Niagara or admire the sunset on the shores of the Pacific. Most people believe that since they do not have such events, life goes by and there is no reason to rejoice.

But this is a wrong path and a harmful attitude towards life, which leads immediately to dissatisfaction and depression. To avoid such unpleasant conditions, it is necessary to cultivate the habit of enjoying the little things.

Try to enjoy the beautiful weather. The fact that the fragrant strawberries and the first raspberry appeared. Because now you have the opportunity to have lunch at the home of loved ones. Or to wander the lands of our country and admire the picturesque views.

The holiday is not necessarily a noisy event for 20 people with live music and contests. We can rest in a small circle of friends, in a quiet and soulful atmosphere.

Isn't that what happiness looks like? We can't travel, we can't go to concerts, we can't gather in parks in big companies - it's hard. But there are alternatives we can adapt to.

By the way, think about it, maybe some changes are for the better. For example, many people like to work from home.

Understand and accept change

"Nothing will be the same as before", this phrase is heard at every step. That's because people avoid letting change get in the way, especially when it comes to unpleasant changes. A mechanism of psychological protection is triggered - if I deny or ridicule something, then that something does not exist.

But some changes will stay with us for at least a while and that we need to get used to. For example, it is still necessary to keep our social distance, as this is one of the few safe ways to prevent the virus from spreading.

To feel better, look for benefits in these changes. Possibly the need to maintain social distance will teach some to defend their comfort zone. The lack of travel could be a good opportunity to find the answer to the question "why am I trying to run away?"

Give the hidden dreams a chance

When you fly like a car in a narrow forest road when the trees perish before your eyes and everything forms a vague landscape and a conglomeration of colors - this is what the life of many of us before quarantine looked like.

But when you come to light from the shade of the trees, everything changes, that's what our life looks like now. When we reduce the speed or avalanche of information that attacks us from all sides, then the brain remembers that before we had dreams.

But all the time, "we didn't know when," "we didn't know where," and "we were afraid of change." Now there is no point in being afraid of anything, the changes have taken place without asking us if we like it or not, we are afraid or not. Now we have time and the true inner voice is finally likely to be heard.

If he has something to say, he will say it louder than before. Listen to your inner voice and you may be surprised by what you hear.

Whatever happens, there are some fundamental truths that you can rely on at all times - love of people, self-respect and respect for others, mutual help, care, and optimism. Let's try not to forget that. Then the world will get a little better.


Keith Clifford

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