How to Create your life as a masterpiece!

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With Intention, Connection, Meaning & Purpose

How to Create your life as a masterpiece!

When I was a teenager, I was rather observant, and I would always watch the adults and how they lived their lives. The thing I remember reflecting on was that they weren't living very great lives, in fact, I realized they were actually living pretty awful lives, without intention, purpose, meaning or true connection with others.

It was almost as if they were sorta just drifting through life, unaware of what they were doing, or how wonderful their lives could truly be if they just would take some time to actually think about what it was they truly wanted for their lives.

Years later, this has become my mission here, and that is to help others to create a life that they love, a life of their wildest dreams.

So I started my own coaching business- World Dreamerz and started to form my mission statement which is:

"Our mission is to bring forth the human potential, sparking the gifts and talents that are innate to the human being, and using that intuitive nature to create a life you love, the life of your wildest dreams!"

So here I am, its January 2020, and so far its off to an incredible start. I live a life of my own creation, and it just seems to get better and better by the day.

My dream though, is not to simply live a life I love, which I am already doing, but my dream is to help & inspire others to live lives that they too love, because I certainly want everyone to live wonderful lives.

I read something the other day that really stuck in my mind and it was,

"People are hating life, and if you are at a certain point, you realize those other people are you."

This struck me, because although I know we are all one, we are all connected, it never really dawned on me that everyone is me, and I am everyone. So therefore if people are truly hating life, then I have to do something about this.

So today, I wanted to go over just a few points on how to create a life that you love, one that has intention, connection, meaning, and purpose.

So without further ado, let's dive into the first point.

1. Intention

Living with intention is the key to living a great life. Most people don't, they just coast through life, unsure of what exactly they are doing, and before they know it, it's too late. Having the intention to create a life you love is the first step in this journey. There is great power in having intention for your life, and one that shouldn't be overlooked. My intention is to help others create a life they absolutely love, and this is what guides me each and every day for me. So think about it, what is your intention in life?

2. Connection

As humans beings, we are meant to connect with each other, however our society has really been designed to put this on the back burner, and with social media growing more by the day, ideally we should feel more connected, and yet we do not. Loneliness is the biggest problem facing humanity at this time, and that is why real human connection is so important, but often overlooked. Having people in your life is necessary if you want to create a life you love, and it's not about the quantity of people, but the quality. Connection is the corner stone of what it means to be human, we are here to live harmoniously with one another, we are not here to fight & go to war with each other, but to live as brothers and sisters. This will become a huge importance in the coming years as more of us begin to realize the value that others have in our lives. Who in your life do you really want to connect with but haven't made the time for? Go give them a call!

3. Meaning

Having a sense of meaning in our lives is the next area we will look at. If we don't have meaning, we tend to drift aimlessly through life, not knowing why we are here or what we should be spending our time on. Most often, we end up simply doing what we are told and following what everyone else is doing, even if we know deep down we are here for something more, something bigger then what everyone else is doing, and there comes a point when we will say no more, and start working towards what we feel in our hearts, and not what our parents have told us is the way we should live our lives. What is it that would give your life a great sense of meaning if you started working towards it?

4. Purpose

We all come here to Earth with a purpose, but the moment we arrive, we experience amnesia and forget everything. It's almost like we take a sleeping pill the moment we arrive. Discovering your purpose is fundamental if you want to create a life you absolutely love, and it's usually something you have always known deep down, but didn't feel supported or encouraged, so it was suppressed deeply inside. When we discover our purpose, it will be our guiding star, and as long as we continually follow that inner guidance, we will always live with a sense of purpose. For example, my purpose here is to remind humanity who they truly are and what true love looks like. This I do in each moment of now, just by simply being myself, and being a guiding light for others to follow. Your purpose is not going to be something like "write a best selling book" however writing a book could very well be one way that you can live into your purpose. This is why I write often, because I know I am living true to my purpose through writing because I am helping others to remember who they are simply by sharing my own life experiences.

Alright, there we have it folks! I hope this has helped you, and...

If this has resonated with you, and you would live to dive deeper into this, then go over to "Create your life as a masterpiece!" Webinar here and signup for a free webinar that I have created with the intention of helping you create & design a life you love. A life with Intention, Connection, Meaning and Purpose.

Here is the link to that again :)

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed, and until next time, remember you are a magnificent being of infinite light and love, and you are here for a reason, you are needed on Earth right now to bring in a new Era of peace and prosperity for all, and this alone is truly incredible!

With Love and Light,

Lindsay @ World Dreamerz

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